• Informes de Expertos (IDE) latest report, titled “Mercado Latinoamericano de los Sistemas Avanzados de Asistencia al Conductor,Informey Pronóstico 2021-2026”, anticipates that theAdvanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) market in Latin America will grow at a CAGR of around X% during 2021-2026, owing to the rising preference of people towards vehicles with in-built advanced safety features. Government regulations calling for vehicle safety, technological advancements in automotive electronics ambit and the emergence of autonomous vehicles are some of the crucial factors driving the market growth. Mexico and Brazil are the primary car markets in this region and are therefore, the major investment destinations for key players. However, just like every industry, the growth of advanced driver assistance system market can be hindered by high cost of the systems,lack of adequate infrastructure, such as lack of lane marking and well-organized roads, availability of GPS in many parts, etc.
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  • @thewhitedragon69 said in Will there be paper Vintage?:

    But, to wrap it up and reiterate, Vintage can thrive with unsanctioned quality-proxy tourneys

    Define thrive. What numbers do you need to achieve and for how long do you need to hold them for a format to be successful? There are other old and discontinued collectable games out there that still maintain an entrenched player base, many of which have started developing their own rules structures for the games in order to maintain them.

    I sold a whole big box of lord of the rings combat hex minis a few years ago for a good price tag long after the game was discontinued because there is a group of 20 or so players who still like to get together at conventions now and then and recreate massive battles, fights that are like 50 times the scale that the game was designed for. It's really cool but that community is not thriving. They also make up their own rules and proxy figures.

    Warlord is a dead as a doornail CCG. My cards are all long gone to ebay or to a landfill. They announced earlier this year that they were publishing a 20 year anniversary release with 19 new cards. I have no idea who's buying this but I'd be lying if I didn't admit that maybe I wanted a set to store away for a few years.

    I think the key commonality with all of these though is that they are otherwise dead and unsupported CCGs now. None of these got that fan treatment when the publishing company was still around and kicking because human nature is such that people tend to want to play the official format. Back to my original point, what makes us believe that players would want to play a heavily proxied and ignored by the publisher format like vintage when so many other options exist. I will also say that while I love the skill testing nature of vintage, as of late some cEDH games I have seen are on a level of skill and complexity far beyond what i see in a typical game of vintage. I do not love multiplayer formats myself which is the only thing that holds me back, but it does say to me that Vintage is not alone in the world when it comes to what it offers players.

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    Steve, Kevin please do set review for Arabian Nights!

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