TSI Feb 2020


The Team Serious Invitational is back and it's worth watching, goddamnit. 35ish inebriated planeswalkers will converge on Columbus, OH tomorrow with the most ridiculous brews they can muster, and you get to see it all. Coverage will be hosted by the legendary Moes cousins @GrandpaBelcher and @GeoffMoesDoesn'tEvenHaveATMDAccountYouAsshole.

See the action unfold in real time tomorrow, February 8th, coverage starting at ... I don't know probably 1:00PM EST? I mean stop rushing us already.

Our set review is live on both EC & MTGCast networks!


0:01:00: Announcements
0:02:40: Throne of Eldraine Report Card
0:27:15: Theros Beyond Death Mechanics
0:31:15: Underworld Breach
1:09:50: Thassa’s Oracle
1:23:32: Dryad of the Ilysian Grove
1:36:27: Ashiok, Nightmare Muse
1:45:13: Ox of Agonas
1:50:15: Kuneros, Hound of Athreos
1:57:44: Soul-Guide Lantern
2:13:09: Eidolon of Obstruction
2:19:53: Whirlwind Denial
2:28:46: Nadir Kraken
2:31:15: Kroxa, Titan of Death’s Hunger
Total runtime: 2:37:34
Show Notes
– Theros Beyond Death Visual Spoiler

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    Hey! Ive been dying to get a big vintage event going, I am local to the Fayetteville, NC area and have maybe 6-8 people who would love to make a big event of Legacy/Proxy vintage.
    Give us a shout out here if you would be interested in an event in NC!

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  • M

    Our pleasure! We appreciate the listens. This is something all of us have wanted to do for a while now. Even with the few number of listens we have so far its been an awesome experience.

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  • Thanks as always. Would love to hear how Klothys, God of Destiny worked out for Matt. I had something similar going and didn't try the card.

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    Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!

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