Wrote up my notes and a brief tournament report for the first Vintage Unleashed event. It was small but powerful. Players have had a lot of fun exploring the format and I'm looking forward to working on more decks!

My annual, mid-year take on what should change in every format I care about. Five suggested changes for Vintage:

Let me know your thoughts!



  • S

    What about dual lands with the clause "you may not search your library for land cards". This would allow an additonal set of Duals at the cost of not being able to run fetches.

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  • I don't think anything can replace fetches in eternal formats. Filling your graveyard + shuffling is too good. Indestructible duals seem good, but not good enough I guess.
    There are also options like the new Thriving cycle (like Thriving Isle), if they came into play untapped.

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  • T

    @desolutionist I'd play those....cuz fu*k wasteland.

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  • Indestructible dual lands could replace fetches.

    Like Ravnica duals with indestructibility. Maybe not count as forest, plains, swamp, etc. but just be “Land”

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