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    Between this, Portable Hole, and Revoker, that's a lot of "lock" peices, or at the very least mana denial peices.

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    Detention Vortex {W}
    Enchantment — Aura
    Enchant nonland permanent
    Enchanted permanent can’t attack or block, and its activated abilities can’t be activated.
    {3}: Destroy Detention Vortex. Only your opponents may activate this ability and only as a sorcery.

    For an uncommon, this card goes pretty late in STX draft. However I’ve found it to be pretty good in w/x weenie strategies where tempo is significant.

    I think the card is worthy of consideration in vintage tempo/white weenie strategies because of its mana cost and versatility. It’s essentially a Phyrexian Revoker in the way it can turn off a Mox or a Planeswalker. I think it could pretty decent against a Workshop deck, shutting down a Walking Ballista, because the 3 colorless mana at sorcery speed is such a steep cost —or if you’ve focused a mana rock, it could be difficult to pay for it. Even if they manage to pay the 3 mana, that in itself could be a significant tempo loss to them. In combination with other mana denial strategies, it could work pretty well at further denying mana or by simply dealing with a fatty.

    Mana comes at a premium for weenie strategies, so 1 mana to deal with anything (when it isn’t just shutting down mana rocks) seems worthy of a sideboard slot at the least.

    I’m also envisioning playing Control/combo against Aggro control, and if they (aggro/control) play this on a Mox, I’m going to be pressed to decide whether or not to pay 3 and it could set me back too far. I suppose it’s probably just worse than Fragmentize in these specific scenario, but maybe the flexibility it has with Planeswalkers and creatures gives it a look.

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  • Smother got outmoded by Eliminate, which obviously hits things that Power Word Kill doesn't (planeswalkers). Power Word Kill is interesting, but in a very weird niche. Victim of Night is probably a less relevant type restriction but harder to cost at BB; still, a deck that wants a 1B removal spell instead of plow, trophy, or other stuff presumably has basically just underground sea for mana sources.

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  • There two stand out so far. Portable Hole hits alot of the format, Power Word Kill is a bit week but still better than stuff like smother that sometimes see play.

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