• So what is the selling point of this over legacy?

    Most vintage decks die instantly because they no longer have the tools that enabled them to be a deck. The most degenerate things are still viable from current legacy, including the slew of blue decks that use no reserve list cards outside of dual lands which can be swapped out for basics and shocks. A few decks like elves or lands die on the vine because they do not have Cradle or Tabernacle anymore. Invariably you then have to ban/restrict certain cards anyway because we know they are too strong like Mental Misstep or Arcum's Astrolabe.

    As far as I see it by creating this format you really just get much closer to legacy than you do an alternate vintage. I would sooner think moving vintage to a singleton format would be better, but obviously that does not help with the price issue at all.

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  • @lienielsen said in My idea for a new vintage format. Non-reserved list:

    When you walk up to someone on the street and ask them to play “magic”, chances are they’re not going to have a full set of power 9.

    they won't have this either. they will have standard, edh, or not know what formats are.

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    I’ve always wanted power nine. I was lucky to win some back when they were “reasonable”. But even then I just sold them because the value was too great. I still want power now, but it’s just too expensive. I can try and get a piece within the year, but it’s almost as if the price will just increase by the time I can afford what it costs today. I think a lot of people especially vintage players are in the same situation.

    My idea for a casual format to try is #1 All sets: Alpha-current are legal

    However, #2 all reserved list cards are banned.

    I know this significantly changes Vintage in some major ways, but what other choice is there? It seems like the only way to both capture the motivation for vintage where you can play any card from any set, but it removes a significant monetary requirement. When you walk up to someone on the street and ask them to play “magic”, chances are they’re not going to have a full set of power 9. I think this format would capture a greater audience potentially than the current legacy/vintage structure.

    And again, I love power 9. But the cost of the cards just don’t make any sense. No reasonable person would want to get into this format if it wasn’t for mtgo and proxies

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    You don't necessarily need a reason to dislike something, it makes me unhappy is a perfectly valid response.

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