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    @protoaddict When the format filters down to a best core, they print hate for that strategy. See collector ouphe. If Narset were in the right color and symmetrical, she would have served that role (being blue was a huge error). Eventually, the hate will become potent and symmetrical enough (see deafening silence) that "fair" decks become the best strategy.

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  • How was the tournament?

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  • That’s a sweet trophy! How was the turn-out?

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  • @nedleeds said in November 18, 2019 Banned and Restricted Announcement:

    Just say in these hallowed ancient wizard battles each player can only have 1 of each walker in their deck. I'd actually just make it by name, e.g. Jace / Chandra / OKO because I hate planeswalkers but I can see an argument for 1 of just Jace, the Mindsculptor. Not sure how the flip walkers would work, I'd just restrict those also, fuck it.

    I mean, that does not prevent the fact that the format is trending towards a singularity. Inevitably there will be a point where restricting a new, overpowered card is not enough. Maybe it is the next 1 mana draw 3 mistake, or the next alternate casting cost free card, but it will happen, and it will become apparent that because of that mistake there is a definitive best deck, or at least best core.

    Then what? Do we go to a singleton format in total and see if that weakens dominant strategies so that every deck becomes a reactive sorta "fair deck", do we start doing actual bans, or maybe we raise the minimum deck size to 75 to increase variance?

    Personally, I think the Canadian highlander point system is starting to look better and better for the format, but I am probably on my own with that.

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