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    Vintage is back in September at Deal Me In Games.

    Deal Me In Games presents its September event in its year long monthly Tournament. We'll be meeting Sunday September 8th, 2019 at noon at Deal Me In Games in Boyertown, Pa to sling cardboard, win prizes, earn points and gain bragging rights!

    Starting at NOON on Sunday, September 8th we have our monthly store tournament.
    Jason at Deal Me In Games

    15 play test T1 tournament (Vintage for you young 'uns)

    127 East Philadelphia Ave
    Boyertown, PA 19512
    ph#: 484-415-0058

    Sunday September 8th at 12 Noon

    So we can get together and have fun playing Magic the Gathering in its best format ever for some kickass prizes. ***

    ***Starting with our January tournament, all prize payouts will be in cash. That's right, you walk in with cash for an entry fee and cards to play and walk out with cold hard cash in hand. Payouts will be based on attendance. The entry fee remains at $35. $5 from each entrant each and every month goes towards to the end of year invitational prizes (2018 we had a mishra's workshop and underground sea for 1st and 2nd). $5 towards the host store and $25 and $30 per person goes towards the prize pool. 100% of prize pool payout goes towards top 8 (depending on attendance, may be top 4).

    Because this is a cash payout, please bring cash for the entry fee.

    As always, leave some time after the event for dinner and some drinks. Come join our vintage community.

    Also you can earn more points towards our year end invitational. Every round you play in you earn:
    3 points for a win
    2 points for a draw
    1 point for a loss
    At the end of the season the 8 players with the most points get invited to a special event in January to duke it out for title of store Champion. Prizes in the past years have included multiple duals (underground sea was our 1st place prize in 2017 and 2nd place in 2018) and a Mishra's Workshop (2018 store champion prize)
    year to date standings are coming with the July update added in.

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  • https://www.mtggoldfish.com/articles/vintage-101-swept-under-the-rug

    Day later than normal due to a scheduling mishap!

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    Thanks for the post and inspiration John. I think it’s worth posting things like this to try and get people inspired to brew even if it isn’t a “tier 1” strategy. There’s a lot of fun to be had in trying new things with cards like this.

    I’ve actually played Evolution in survival alongside Flash (and tried natural order too). You can evolve your hollow ones which come into play for free into Elesh Norn, Carnage Tyrant, among other targets like the ones you mentioned.

    I tried Primeval Titan alongside Depths Combo (which doubled as a flash target) and also tried Rampaging Baloths which can be overwhelming fast. I even tried Cataclysmic Gearhulk which didn’t go over well lol.

    There was even certain usefulness into turning things like Deathrite or Rootwalla into a toolbox. I.e. they can evolve into a Magus of the Moon, Eidolon of Rhetoric, leovold. Etc.

    I think there’s a lot of building room for the card if people are willing to step out on a ledge.

    I’m always brewing and encourage others to do the same. There’s a lot of fun to be had.

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    In modern there is a deck that uses Eldritch Evolution and Allosaurus Rider to get early Griselbrands. There is a lot of card disadvantage there. In vntage we have Skyshroud Cutter. This does not get Griselbrand, but there are still good options for a win con.

    alt text

    This is the best card to get agaist most blue lists and may work against some Forge Shops lists.
    alt text
    I like this guy against Dredge. Fetching a Glacial Chasm and Strip mine, before setting up a Dark Depth win is good.


    I just wanted to let people know this is out here and encourage people to mess around with it. this is on par with flash hulk, and we have preordain now. I also think serum powder is worth trying.

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