• RE: Knight Ware Monthly Unsanctioned Vintage 12/17/2017

    Congratulations to the Top 4 and to Lori for organizing the tournament. It's been a fun year of Vintage, and looking forward to next year. After all, who doesn't want to feel tendrils of agony, get run over by goblins, cheap robots, howlpack wolves and zombies dredged from below in Vintage?

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  • RE: [Premium Article] Schools of Magic/The History of Vintage - 2008

    That's not unreasonable. Some people are just interested in a specific year, and they should be free to get an article to see what this series is like.

    I can't really predict when the book will be ready. Even once the chapters are done (and 2012-17 are not yet written), there is a lot of work to do before it will be ready for publication as a book.

    When the book is available, there is a good chance we will take down the individual chapters. So if anyone is interested in a particular year, I'd encourage them to get that while they can.

    2009 went live today: http://www.eternalcentral.com/schools-of-magic-history-of-vintage-2009/

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  • Vintage 101: Any Given Saturday

    alt text


    It's plain to see that the old monthly Magic Online Power Nine Challenge was very successful. Now that there's a Vintage Challenge event on any given Saturday it's made a great thing even better! Each week these events seem to do very well, and the tournament format is a nice supplement to the ongoing Vintage leagues that are available. These Vintage Challenge events are even more important now that Wizards has decided to limit the amount of metagame data that they publish from leagues. READ MOAR

    Happy seasons greeting cards everyone.


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  • RE: [Premium Article] Schools of Magic: The History of Vintage - 2007

    Well, you will be happy to learn that it is indeed featured here. Not only that, but it is exemplary of contemporary iterations of the Lestree school of vintage magic. There is an extensive commentary on this point.

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  • [Premium Article] Schools of Magic/The History of Vintage - 2008



    alt text


    As the clock turned forward from 2007 to 2008, it would not have been possible to foresee the incredible changes that would occur through the year. The format was rocked by sweeping restrictions, surprising errata, and impactful printings.

    A tightly defined metagame allowed a few low key printings to shake the Vintage firmament, including Reveillark and Painter’s Servant. The sturm und drang over the Flash combo, and whether it was the most deadly Vintage deck of all time seemed overheated weeks later with Painter’s Servant making Red Elemental Blast a main deck card, and Dredge making Leyline of the Void the second most played card in the format.

    Ultimately, however, the debate over Flash was overshadowed by the so-called “Vintage Apocalypse,” the most sweeping wave of restrictions see in a decade, and then, subsequently, by the simultaneous errata of Time Vault and printing of Tezzeret. Read about all of this and more in this installment of the History of Vintage!

    And there is a free excerpt in the link above as well.

    That said, I wanted to spend most of this post talking more broadly about this project.

    As is probably obvious, after taking a bit of a break to catch my breathe after the Gush book was published, I've been pushing forward to produce these chapters so that all 25 chapters will be done well before Magic's 25th anniversary. The goal is to compile them all into a wonderful book. With 2009 ready for launch very soon, and 2010 and 2011 also in the queue, I'm well on track.

    Since this project started almost 7 years ago, my thinking has shifted a bit in a number of respects. Most obviously, my thinking regarding the classification of schools has sharpened considerably. That's been reflected in the last few chapters, but especially the 2007 chapter.

    But this isn't just my narrative. Especially as I go back and begin to review and revise the chapters for the book (and re-write the introduction), it's important that I receive as much feedback as possible for accuracy. I have a running list of folks I need to interview that I haven't, but will (despite having done many interviews for this), and a number of items that need to be corrected, sources to be added, etc. But your feedback matters as well.

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  • RE: MTG Underground Blog: Sum of Your Achievements

    I am a huge fan of your writing, Ben.

    Your train of thought personal writing style is totally hooking.

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  • RE: MKM Series dropping Vintage

    I offered myself to do some coverage in situ for Old School and Vintage as I was doing it anyway via Twitter and they refused....

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  • Vintage 101: Remastering Vintage!

    alt text

    Vintage Remastered!

    A long time ago, way back in 2014, Wizards of the Coast dropped a bombshell announcement regarding the Vintage format. For the first time ever, the announcement read, the most famous and powerful cards in Magic history would be reprinted: the Power Nine. Unfortunately for all of the paper-only Magic players out there, the Reserve List exists, and that made printing a physical copy of Black Lotus and its ilk quite impossible. The Power Nine would be "reprinted" in the digital space only, and they were to be contained in a new "Masters set" called (appropriately enough) Vintage Masters. CONTINUED

    *** Thanks for your support folks. This was last week's article, I'm still not sure what this week's article will be about. Take care. If you're ever looking for additional measures of support you can make, try sharing the article on Reddit. Twitter, and Facebook. Thanks again! ***


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  • RE: 1/7/18 - ShamanBen's Birthday Vintage at RIW Hobbies (Unlimited Proxy) - Livonia, Michigan

    @shaman-ben Absolutely agree with this. Family should come first.

    I'm hoping to make it, but I have some friends that I rarely see driving across state to hang out (maybe 1-2 times a year), so I'm probably going to miss it unfortunately. My reason is about 1/10th the quality of @mourningpalace's reason from last year. :)

    Hopefully something changes. R.I.W. is the sole reason I still play vintage in paper, honestly!

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