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    Islandswamp talks about Eternal Extravaganza 6 and Gush in Vintage!

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  • RE: PO Storm Tuning?

    I've played the deck enough to get a feel for it, but honestly not enough to feel comfortable suggesting big changes. I'm also curious about a list that cuts accelerants and the Tezzeret package for consistency-driving cards like Preordian, and a totally different list that runs even more Tezzeret and Monolith for increased redundancy ... but I haven't played any of these variants, they're just things I'm curious about. I wouldn't feel comfortable saying they're the right choice moving forward.

    When I mentioned intangibles, I meant things other than match-win % that might convince someone to play a deck. Outcome is a lot newer than Ritual-based strategies, which makes it sexier and "less boring" for some players. It's relatively straightforward to play which might make it look/feel stronger than a tricky deck depending on the pilot you're watching. It also makes very big plays. When it wins, it's not uncommon for a player to draw their entire deck, Mind's Desire for 20+ cards, or Tendrils for triple digits. Overkills with Paradoxical Outcome are more common than with other decks, which is impressive. Even if the deck had less total wins, the wins it has FEEL big, they stand out in your memory more than a strained 9-storm-tendrils - which means unless you're taking good notes, it's easy for your memory of playtesting/tournament results bias in favor of the deck.

    I'd love to hear a counter-opinion from someone who has played the deck more than I have

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  • RE: Monthly Vintage at Gaming EtC

    @enderfall I may have a door prize for the Fool's Day.

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  • RE: Bookmarks

    You can go to your profile page (click on your name in a post) then select "bookmarks" from the dropdown menu on the right. You can also just go directly to www.themanadrain.com/user/[yourname]/bookmarks and see them there.

    It looks like you can see other people's bookmarks, which is strange, so keep that in mind when deciding what to save :D (it might be an admin-only feature though)

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  • RE: PO Storm Tuning?

    I'm not the most experience PO Storm player on the site, but here's my take:

    1. It is pretty weak to Null Rod. There are definitely lists that run fragmentize side, and multiple Hurkyl's main. I think in the current climate it makes total sense to run even more answers to the card in the maindeck. I haven't seen anyone attempt a real "play around it" strategy, unless you count Mentor/Outcome hybrid lists.

    2. I think it's pretty accepted that Chrome Mox is one of the weaker cards in the deck. Personally I'm not a big fan of LED either. They help you go all-in, but I'm not convinced they're worth it, yet.

    3. Defense Grid definitely makes Vamp/Mystical better. I've seen Outcome decks vary a bit in the kind of disruption/protection they run, so I don't think it's fair to say they're should-includes or anything.

    4. Different people mean different things by the word "viable", so the question is impossible to answer. I'm going to make a controversial statement that I'm not sure Outcome is a better combo deck than Ritual storm, despite being obviously more popular. While I think it's easier to play and runs more basics - which are good things - it's a lot weaker to null rod, and I'm not convinced it's faster, more resilient, or more consistent. I attribute its popularity right now to intangibles. Ignoring that, Mentor decks are objectively winning more, but combo is putting up strong enough results to justify running it if it suits your playskill better. It could also make sense as a foil to a Dredge-heavy, or shop-hate focused metagame.

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  • RE: Vintage at Gaming Etc. (January)

    Yes, there will be one April 1st.

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  • RE: Eternal Extravaganza 6 Metagame Report

    Seems like Shops does even better when there's more Gush around. I'd probably play Shops over anything else if I had unfettered access to cards.

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  • RE: Monthly Vintage at Gaming EtC

    I look forward to May's event, but as of right now, I am unable to attend in April. Good luck to everyone who does attend.

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  • Monthly Vintage at Gaming EtC

    Where: Gamingetc Superstore
    531 Main St Acton, Massachusetts
    When: April 1, 2017
    Round 1 begins at 12:00pm
    Entry: $25
    Format: Vintage with Swiss rounds. Cut to top 4, top 8, or swiss +1 based on attendance and the preference of the players.
    Prizes: 100% of entry fees will be given out as store credit.

    Unsanctioned, 15 proxies maximum.

    From now on we want this event to be the first Saturday of each month unless it conflicts with a large eternal tournament elsewhere, in which case we will change the date.

    Also, sorry for slacking lately.

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  • RE: European Vintage League - Season 2 registration closed. Decklists public!

    @toffs said in European Vintage League - Season 2 registration closed. Decklists public!:

    How often do you do these tournaments? I'm all hyped to join you guys next time.

    Well this was our second tournament so there is no tradition yet. I guess it all depends on how people like these and how we will attract participants.

    Once we are done with this season2 i will collect feedback and start to plan for season 3.

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