• RE: The Situation Room: Gifts Ungiven

    So with everyone complaining about the metagame, I just feel the need to point out that over the last 4 large events I played Gifts in (3 Vintage Challenges and NYSE) Gifts has a 65% match win percentage against the field, which makes it the best performing deck in the metagame. 2 deck format? The facts don't support the theory...

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  • RE: RFC: Improving The Mana Drain

    My opinion is that modern posting quality is a reflection of modern card frames and art; just cartoony and simple/stupid. Magic has pretty much lost its prestige that way. The future is just thinking/conveying information in terms of numbers and data.

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  • Vintage in Berkeley, CA - July 1st


    Tournament starts at 1PM

    Up to 15 proxies allowed.
    Swiss rounds with a cut to Top 8.
    100% prize payout in store credit.
    $25 entry

    I'll be there!

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  • RE: Mike Noble's Terrible Fish Decklist Dump Thread

    I think Null Rod/Stony Silence is very well positioned right now. In the 6/17 Vintage challenge, Null Rod was my MVP against all of the PO decks. I'm surprised you don't run more, and you don't run Stony Silence in particular, since it is much more difficult to remove.

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  • RE: 6/24/17 - Long Island, New York - NYSE Open V - Power Eight, Workshops & Drains Tournament!

    Thank you Nick(s), et al for hosting and running such an amazing tournament!

    As I told Nick, I'll keep coming to these events as long as Nick keeps runnin' them. It's a wonderful excuse to get to New York, and also a wonderful tournament and community environment.

    I got to go to the Natural History Museum, the Met, enjoy Central Park, watch the NYC pride parade in Manhattan, take a boat ride around the Statue of Liberty, have dinner in Little Italy with my special lady, and, of course, win an Ancestral Recall :)

    Awesome weekend, great people, amazing Vintage! I hope you do this again!

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  • RE: Goblins, an Undervalued Tribe in Vintage

    @AmbivalentDuck serious question, what do you think about Gate to the Afterlife?

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  • RE: Monthly Vintage at Gaming EtC

    The first has a posting on the Gaming Etc website. If people are planning on being there I will make an effort to come down this weekend.

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  • RE: RFC: Improving The Mana Drain

    I think that the main issue is that direct, personal attacks, of the kind that were more strictly moderated on the previous iteration of the Mana Drain, are not really as curbed as they should be. I don't think there are any problems with people talking about Banned and Restricted List or Reserved List or any other sensitive topic. I think the problem is when people make angry personal attacks on people. That's when things can really spiral out of control. If the site could simply implement a rule prohibiting that, and then enforce it, I don't think the site would be as off-putting to some people.

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  • RE: RFC: Improving The Mana Drain

    Make no mistake, there is no policy change I could make that would not result in people quitting the site. There are already tons of people who refuse to use the site unless I make specific changes. (Though usually people have issues with the community in ways that policy changes are difficult to control)

    I quite like a lot of the rules in the original post. I think some of the decklist/single card discussion rules are a bit over-specific and exclude some good posts, but for the most part I would love it if people on the site did all of those things. Unfortunately I don't think that could happen without aggressive moderation, and ultimately lots of bannings, and even if it could, it would still alienate people. TMD has such a long history in vintage (one that predates me) that I feel a responsibility not to take it away from anyone who wants to talk about vintage ... but ultimately that's probably hurting the site.

    TMD serves many masters, possibly to the detriment of most potential users. There is no correct set of rules, policies, subfora ... there are just decisions that make the site better or worse for different audiences. It's not at all clear to me that a wider audience is better, and there are many groups that want to use the site who are directly opposed in what they want to get out of it. I've been in a state of analysis paralysis on this subject for quite some time now (decisiveness might not be my strong suit).

    The site has definitely migrated from both my vision for it, and what would make the site most engaging for me as a player. Honestly I'm entirely unsure about next steps.

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  • RE: Vintage Restricted List Discussion

    I'm not convinced Shops needs a neutering (it always seems to get better when shops players are forced to adapt), but since this is the thread for pontificating and throwing things against the wall, and many people seem to have their hearts set on Thorn, what about:

    Unrestrict Golem
    I'm sure everyone will chime in on how 1st Turn Golem with a Strip Mine happens 95% of the time, but it really doesn't. Thorn/Sphere into Golem is more of the issue.

    Unrestrict Chalice
    I think this card never should have been restricted. It kept Mentor/Pyro in check (forcing them to diversify their CCs), it's a dead card mid/late game, and the Chalice for zero, while potent now, was a 50/50 then. Many shops players weren't even playing them. Not to mention, Chalice worked in many other decks besides Shops.

    Unrestrict Probe
    I hate this card from a flavor perspective, but I think Chalice would keep it in check.

    Restrict Thorn
    I don't want to see it go, but if the exercise is assuming Thorn or Workshop, I'd much rather see Thorn go. Or else Shops will become a deck that is almost all modern frames, printed post-2009, and might as well be playing Legacy or modern.

    Let's face it. Vintage is a flawed and unbalanced format (MTGO has proven this with a much more rapid metagame than paper), but we love it for what it is and what it was. Some cards are iconic and need to be untouchable preserved and viable as long as possible (Bazaar, Tolarian, FoW, Workshop, Wasteland, Fetchlands, Ancestral, etc).

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