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    It is probably better in the more human lists amusingly. The little bit of testing that I have done on it says that is is not great for white eldrazi as not being able to be cast off cavern actually stresses the deck’s mana base. Solid card overall but for eldrazi human mixes I think it may be best to stick to only two types.

    My list plays 21 colorless sources(counting caverns and 4 of the moxen) so if you play less your result may be different.

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  • It's absolutely an upgrade to Thalia 2.0 because it combines the best ability from Thalia 2.0 with the Eidolon ability. They tacked on Flyer so you could actually grind your opponent's life total down while they sit on nigh zero board development. Trust me, this card is light years past a Thalia 2.0. Not being a Human is not that big a deal for the upside you are getting. I also run 3 Grand Abolisher in my lists so it is still often uncounterable (teehee).

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