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This was a very fun podcast to record. I hope you enjoy it.

Kevin Cron and Steve Menendian analyze six Vintage Scenarios.

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0:01:00: Announcements: VSL season 9 coming soon!
0:08:37: Scenario 1: What Would Mishra Do?
0:48:50: Scenario 2: Schrödinger’s Ancestral
1:05:40: Scenario 3: A Paradox of Mediocrity
1:24:34: Scenario 4: The Balance of Power Does Not Last
1:37:05: Scenario 5: An Embarrassment of Monks
1:48:55: Scenario 6: Survival of the Richest

Hello fellow Vintage enthusiasts!
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It has been a long time since I've written "In game" analysis. Hell, I haven't really written that many Vintage articles this year.

If you take out the History of Vintage series and the Gush book (Understanding Gush), here are the number of Vintage content articles I've published in the last few years:

2018: 5 (including my article for SCG)
2017: 4
2016: 0 (obviously, the Gush book took alot of time)
2015: 4
2014: 1
2013: 8

So anyway, I've been writing alot more about Vintage lately, and this is my first in-game analysis in an article in quite a while! Possibly since 2013!

So here it is:

This article should show how awesome I think Vintage is right now. And also how powerful the Survival deck is!


  • N

    In the fatesticher version, LED it's the best card you can draw, apart of bazaar. It lets you dredge from t1, and unearth fatesticher. That's a 95% chance of T1 win. I don't know why you would play any other rock over it.

    With London mulligan, I'm thinking in play full set of mox diamond and dakmor savage, in addition to the 4 mana rocks (Lotus, LED, shapphire and petal). Obviously it's even a more combo version, with less interaction.

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  • B

    Is "brawl vintage"next vintage Evolution?

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  • Thank you to Andy, Matt, and Shawn for letting us know about this and providing further information.

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  • @blindtherapy said in N.Y.S.E. Open VI - 7/20/19 - Long Island, New York:

    @oestrus I was 13. I know 1-9th were not dredge, unsure if 10-12th had any

    Sullivan Brophy had a win and in and probably had a relatively high final showing.

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