For episode 39, Geoff Moes (@ThallidTosser on Twitter), Nat Moes (@GrandpaBelcher), and Josh Chapple (@joshchapple) talk about the role of planeswalkers in Vintage, speculate baselessly about some new cards in War of the Spark, and discuss sous vide and other novel methods of cooking.

Here’s the timestamped table of contents for your listening ease and enjoyment:
00:42 – A Brief, Half-Educated History of Planeswalkers in Vintage
26:56 – What Do We Do With 36 New Planeswalkers?
43:16 – Sous Vide? So What?
Total runtime: 55:29

Sorry for the lateness of posting this! I was out of town most of last week when the article posted, and doing the thumbnail portion is impossible on mobile.

  • T

    @ten-ten If she were playable in white-heavy decks only, there's no way she gets restricted. More than likely though, blue just starts playing 4 tundras and Jeskai/Esper control becomes the big blue with Narset while other blue decks fade away. Blue will find a way thanks to dual lands.

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  • I disagree, Xerox won't play that much removal and especially not that much white creature removal. And imo Pyroblast will stay where it is. It is still the most efficient answer to PO, Oko, FoW and the whole restricted blue package.

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    @stormanimagus Yes. Sorry to say, now xerox can and will run 4 Plows and 4 Paths mainboard.

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  • Do people think that perhaps Pyroblast will have less representation now?

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