Enjoy! This is a project I've been working on to try to piece together as additional content for my YouTube channel. I don't have a real set release schedule yet but will be hammering that down hopefully to probably every month or so.



This article marks my first year of writing Vintage 101! Thank you all for such an awesome and interesting year!


I also made a small brain fart in this article, that I didn't realize til now. Brain farts are great.

I realized this morning (with my brain in vacation mode earlier this week when writing the article) that mentioning True-Name Nemesis in the first card is moot because it can't actually be targeted. My brain was focusing on the "damage" portion of it.

  • B

    Premodern itself tends to favor impulse, accumulated knowledge, and FoF as it's draw engine.

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  • L

    I think even if Mana Drain weren’t allowed, Fact or Fiction has to be the best blue draw engine available. Stroke of Genius is probably next.

    And of course Accumulated Knowledge.

    I think it would be more fun if there was a different restriction list. Like for example, restrict Mana Drain. But I’m just a sucker for 4 Counterspell 1 Mana Drain decks.

    I think one of the most dangerous and interesting unrestriction could be Gush. There isn’t a whole lot of great cantrips like Preordain and Quirion Dryad is your best threat. It would be a good deck but maybe not so good that nobody wants to play.

    You could have almost any restriction list and most people interested in premodern vintage would not be deterred.

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  • S

    I'm really surprised to see Fact or Fiction restricted. I guess Mana Drain is still a big boogey man in the format.

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  • @duke ah so we arent alone, and that format actually already exists, nice!
    Ill check out mtgoldframe for sure

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