25 years ago today, the format that would become known as Vintage was created with the first mandatory Banned and Restricted List, midwifed by Beth Moursand.

To commemorate this special anniversary, I wrote a 10K word article in tribute, which I hope you enjoy!


PS, B&R List Facts from the end of the article:

Vintage Banned and Restricted List Facts:
• The current Vintage Banned and Restricted List is 46 cards. The smallest ever Restricted List was 16 cards. Not counting the initial restriction of Legends, the largest ever Restricted List was 54 cards, on January 1, 2004.
• There have been 96 restrictions, and 50 unrestrictions.
• There have been 39 changes to the Vintage Banned and Restricted List, not counting it’s initial formulation.
• The most cards ever restricted at a single time is a tie: 18, on October 1, 1999 and the inception of the list, January 25, 1994.
• The most cards ever unrestricted at a time is a tie: 5, on October 1, 1997, and September 20, 2008.

For episode 36, Geoff Moes (@ThallidTosser on Twitter), Nat Moes (@GrandpaBelcher), and Josh Chapple (@joshchapple) are joined by Erin Campbell (@OriginalOestrus) to talk about a bunch of fun Vintage topics including the importance of the community, the Vintage Super League, Dredge, and Two-Card Monte. She also helps us depart a little from our usual “discerning” food-and-drink discussion to a more “picky” angle.


Here’s the timestamped table of contents for your listening ease and enjoyment:
00:27 – Erin and the Vintage Community
33:20 – Preparing to Crush the VSL
40:28 – Nat Hate Drafts Onions
Full runtime – 1:03:53

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  • @chubbyrain said in Proposed New Mulligan Rule for Mythic Championship London:

    @ajfirecracker Do you think Dredge would still run Serum Powder if you have to put the cards back prior to mulliganing?

    Hard to say.

    I think Powder is actually better with this rule but so are normal mulligans, so it's hard to say how that all cashes out. Note that the cards are put back on the bottom, so Powder is fully effective to dig, and you find Powder more often on more cards, and you can more often avoid exiling multiple Powder for a single effect. So we have 1 neutral factor, 2 positive factors for Powder, and 1 "negative" factor in that the effect in not as sorely needed.

    More Powders does also mean more cards in hand on average when you find Bazaar, which is worth a lot when you have disruption elements you can cast from hand.

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  • @ajfirecracker Do you think Dredge would still run Serum Powder if you have to put the cards back prior to mulliganing?

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  • Either they wanted to design around Serum Powder or they had to be careful of the phrase "opening hand" which legally allows stuff like Leylines or Chancellor triggers to be played.

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  • @boerma You are correct. While you can't mulligan 7 times, you can certainly mulligan 0 times. The exponent should be 7.

    I think the rule has been misinterpreted and that you are supposed to put the cards back before determining whether or not you would mulligan, so you would exile the remaining cards in your hand. In practice, it wouldn't matter as you could just declare you are mulliganing and shortcut the selection. But it would effect Serum Powder and makes me wonder if that was the basis for the rule. And it has interesting applications for Powder in Dredge as it would allow you to save certain Dread Return targets from exile (albeit putting it on the bottom of the deck).

    It is interesting how the impact of Serum Powder is much less with the new rule, even if you exile/draw 7 cards. Serum Powder might still be worth it as it increases the number of cards in you opening hands, but that is an interesting debate.

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