Enjoy! I had a lot of fun helping Matthew with this. This is going to be a fun series to keep an eye on longer term since there's going to be inevitably be some great people and commentary in different formats (not just Vintage).

We recorded this a few weeks ago, but it's just went live this week. As you can see, we were really big on Mystic Forge.

0:01:00: Announcements, report card update
0:09:10: Steve’s recent Dredge performance
0:26:38: SCGCon 2019 Predictions/Results
0:33:10: Core Set 2020
0:34:05: Mystic Forge
0:52:25: Flood of Tears
1:00:40: Drawn from Dreams
1:01:55: Cavalier of Flame
1:07:30: Lotus Field
1:09:45: Embodiment of Agonies
1:13:35: Chandra, Acolyte of Flame
1:22:30: Drakuseth, Maw of Flames
1:24:30: Mu Yanling, Sky Dancer
1:27:22: Manifold Key
1:33:22: Veil of Summer
Total runtime: 1:45:40


I haven't gotten to listen to it yet, but the folks at Eternal Durdles just released an episode discussing NYSE.

  • Some relevant tweets:

    The situation in a nutshell: Athena posts a picture of Brian’s board position after losing to him with her red-based strategy. He notably has two Circle of Protection: Red in play. People realize that his submitted “decklist”/picture of what he was playing only contains one Circle of Protection: Red. Brian won the event, but as the tweet above details, he returned the trophy after this information came to light.

    This is arguably a watershed moment for the Old School community and format.

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  • C

    Crop Rotation was unrestricted in June 2009 and New Phyrexia released in May 2011. But there is no deck with more than 1 crop rotation in the base during that period.

    Obviously the metagame is completely different now, it is difficult to make prediction from this.

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  • K

    Below is our year to date standings updated with the results of the July event:


    And congratulations to Zach Dobbin for taking down the July event, defeating his teammate, Joe Brennan in the finals.

    year to date our top 8 stands as:
    Joe Brennan 97
    Greg Hoover 78
    Ryan McKinney 73
    Zach Dobbin 72
    Dean Harris 71
    Stephen Harvey 56
    Nick DiJohn 52
    Josh Barkon 50

    We didn't see much in the way of top 8 shake up - The tie for 8th was broken with Chuck Grebe a mere 3 points out of a spot in the finals. Other than that, there was some shifting around of the top 8. Joe Brennan seems a certain lock for a final spot. Greg, Ryan, Zach and Dean are on pretty steady footing. Steve, Nick and Josh are currently in but has Chuck Grebe nipping at their heels. The next tier of players show us Evan Hunterdmark, Dan Barkon, Stephen Ganter, Jason Beaupre all close enough that a strong finish to 2019 in our final 3-4 events could push them into contention.

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  • @desolutionist or just play Survival with Crop Rotation

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