Wrote up my notes and a brief tournament report for the first Vintage Unleashed event. It was small but powerful. Players have had a lot of fun exploring the format and I'm looking forward to working on more decks!

My annual, mid-year take on what should change in every format I care about. Five suggested changes for Vintage:

Let me know your thoughts!



  • How about Vengevines never entering the battlefield in the first place because your opponent is limited to 1 spell per turn lol? I think it isn't even close. This card trumps Thalia 2.0 in every way that matters to me in Vintage at the moment. Hogaak-Vine isn't the only list you need to worry about anyway. This card is far more deadly vs. any Breach Deck, for example.

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  • T

    @stormanimagus The first strike and creatures entering tapped have always been big upsides to thalia to me. Killing vengevines and making them enter tapped (in addition to Hogaak enablers entering tapped) adds valuable time. It speeds your clock too, since their blocker will always be unable to block the turn played.

    Vs humans, for example, Thalia 2.0 seems better than eidolon/archon. In general, I'm sure archon is broader, but it's not a strict upgrade in all cases.

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  • B

    Doomsday is the only deck I have found to be faster than me who does not fold to leyline, the matchup was horrible before the trickbinds were added to the board. My sample size was small but if felt like uncounterable disruption was the only solution. 2 of the 3 people I play vintage with regularly play at least some doomsday so I am very hesitant to shave them. Given, if doomsday is a smaller portion of your meta it may make sense to and is probably the objectively correct board. My creature plan so far has been win before they matter and it’s been petty successful so I would love to hear what creatures have been causing you trouble enough to be worth running the seize.

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  • @botvinik
    Depends on your meta, but I would think that I would rather have the discard over Trickbind everywhere but doomsday.
    Alot of people play with Voltaic just for the old borders an fun factor. With sphinx in the deck it may not really matter.
    Just 0.02c.

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