The MTG cast network is down for the time being. But our podcast episodes are still going up on Eternal central. Here is our end-of-the-year show!

Kevin Cron and Steve Menendian discuss the year that was 2018, for Vintage; its key tournaments, cards, sets, and stories. In the end, we award our annual Moxies!

Podcast (somanyinsaneplays): Download (Duration: 1:57:22 — 94.2MB)

0:01:15: Announcements
0:02:00: Vintage Super League Season 9 Updates
0:13:00: Sperling/Vergo Scenario Show
0:22:30: Set Releases
0:28:30: Major Events
0:37:30: Metagame Shifts
0:53:00: New Cards
1:05:30: New Sets
1:07:15: Best Deck
1:09:40: Stories
1:17:00: Moxies
1:50:00: Looking Forward to 2019
Total Runtime: 1:57:22
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Our moxie awards this year were pretty intensely debated, but I'm really happy with the final selections 🙂

I will post the EC link when it's live.

This was a very fun podcast to record. I hope you enjoy it.

Kevin Cron and Steve Menendian analyze six Vintage Scenarios.

Contact us at @ManyInsanePlays on Twitter or e-mail us at

0:01:00: Announcements: VSL season 9 coming soon!
0:08:37: Scenario 1: What Would Mishra Do?
0:48:50: Scenario 2: Schrödinger’s Ancestral
1:05:40: Scenario 3: A Paradox of Mediocrity
1:24:34: Scenario 4: The Balance of Power Does Not Last
1:37:05: Scenario 5: An Embarrassment of Monks
1:48:55: Scenario 6: Survival of the Richest

  • Great Belcher discussion on a thread that has nothing to do with Belcher... glad we could cover that some people are still trying to break the format with a card that was printed almost 20 years ago. Maybe they'll finally do it! Tune in next time at The Mana Drain, where we can derail any conversation into something totally different than the initial topic!

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  • B

    Thanks they didn’t work on my phone but they do on PC I guess you never know when you will learn something new.

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  • ?

    @botvinik said in [ZRN] Omnath, Locus of Creation:

    @notmi said in [ZRN] Omnath, Locus of Creation:

    @vaughnbros said in [ZRN] Omnath, Locus of Creation:


    I can't even find a single result from Belcher in the last 2 years on that website. Its not just tier 2, its tier non-existent.

    I'd love to post on here more, but its impossible to have a discussion or debate when every one seem to get hung up on very basic things, like that glass cannon decks are fucken terrible.

    I actually 5-0'd with belcher the day the new set got released on mtgo using substandard spell lands because I couldn't find the ones that came in untapped for sale. There are a handful of us grinding the deck on mtgo right now, and while it's not going to break the format, it definitely feels playable.

    another player having success

    Are you also playing green or PO or both? I would really love to see your list if you would post it I think the deck is worth discussing further.

    His post has clickable links. You can see for yourself.

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  • B

    Not exactly opals, LED, academy, and mishra’s workshop can skew that number. Also counting colored and colorless mana equally is a fallacy. I was ignoring that and hoping you would in return ignore the activation cost. I think 7 colorless is easier then 4 different colors but I may be wrong also see comment about omnath only being as you describe if you cast him on 5 and follow with a fetch land.

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