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    Yes, that is absolutely correct - these cards are not part of anyone's collection, they are only accessible in the preconstructed deck event, and they will not be accessible to anyone after that event ends.

    However, as @Aelien pointed out, these cards are not only functional (granted, none of them are super complex) but several of them are also animated, including at least Mox Pearl, Mox Sapphire, Sol Ring, and Black Lotus (not sure about Ancestral Recall). Given that the preconstructed deck event is a short-term promotional event, it seems odd that they would devote animation efforts to these cards unless they have at least an inkling that they may bring them back for a more sustained outing at some point.

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    If I'm not mistaken, don't those vintage cards disappear after said Ashiok vs Elspeth event has concluded?

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  • Hey all, Knight Ware’s next team event
    Legacy - Vintage - Old School 93/94
    will be on January 12, 2020 at 1PM

    Google sheet link
    is here and below to help coordinate teams.

    facebook link

    16 teams maximum, probably cut to T4
    $10 cash entry per team member ($30/team) basic entry (includes up to 20 playtest cards per team)

    This event is UNSANCTIONED.
    Playtest cards are per team and not by format.
    Each team can start with up to 20 of them, see below for more info.
    If teams really need more, slots for additional playtest cards can be purchased at $1 each

    100% store credit payout which includes any extra that may get taken in for additional playtest cards needed.

    This is NOT unified, decks CAN share card names.

    Legacy and Vintage will follow normal rules for their respective formats.

    Old School 93/94 will follow Eternal Central Rules
    for card usability (any non foil printing any language that has original art and original border)
    banned/restricted lists and NO DRAWS

    The Google sheet is up so people can coordinate teams

    Please don’t erase names/teams that are not yours.
    I’ll lock the sheet if this becomes a problem

    There is a section (to the right of the main signup area) for interested players without teams to indicate their interest.

    Teams needing players, please contact names from that list

    Decks/single cards will be available to borrow if needed, just let me know.

    Playtest cards
    Playtest cards are those cards in your deck that have been used to substitute for other cards that you don't have.
    They must be "clearly identified" as to which cards they represent. Please don't use copyrighted artwork.
    Removing text with acetone or an eraser and using an extra fine point sharpie pen to cross out the irrelevant text and write the real text is the best approach.

    Peeled foils are ok, see here
    If anyone wants me to do some like the ones in the above link, email me a list and bring
    4 crap replacement foils to the event for each card you want done
    (many don't survive the process)

    Pieces of paper, either glued or not glued
    will not be permitted inside the sleeve.
    Whiteout is not allowed.
    Ball point should not be used as it dents the card

    Lori Saul
    Knight Ware Inc.

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  • I didn't do well with this deck, but my plan was to slow them down with ouphes and make the serpents and other things boltable, or use things like force of vigor to get rid of them. Your also on the perfect colors for ancient grudge.

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