I wrote about my experience with the London mulligan, looked at the available data from the trial period, and mentioned how WAR has shifted the format in the opposite direction from the trial metagame, so I really have no idea how the post-London metagame will look. Let me know what you think.


For episode 40, Geoff Moes (@ThallidTosser on Twitter), Nat Moes (@GrandpaBelcher), and Josh Chapple (@joshchapple) are pleased to show off Collector Ouphe, a free preview card from Modern Horizons, provided by Wizards of the Coast!


01:25 – Oof
17:59 – The Real Collection Was the Friends We Made Along the Way
Total runtime: 25:22

Null Rodney

  • M

    Chains of Mephistopheles- you are on notice!

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  • E

    @ten-ten said in November 18, 2019 Banned and Restricted Announcement:

    Their reasoning is contradictory.

    -there’s too much efficient card draw, so, we’ll restrict the card keeping it in check.

    That's not how I read their rationale. Rather, it seems they're making the "Chalice of the Void argument": Vintage is defined by its efficient card draw, and Narset is too strong of a one-sided lock against a defining aspect of Vintage play, and so it has to go.

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  • Y

    @nba84 said in November 18, 2019 Banned and Restricted Announcement:

    Paradoxical Outcome gets a huge boost back

    gross. please restrict Paradoxical Outcome.

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  • First card in awhile (to my knowledge), that people weren’t playing four copies of when it was restricted?

    Most decks seemed to be 2-3 copies.

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