TinFins 3: Return of the Onion Burst [Deck thread] [Source of the name]

And its variant

Bizzaro Stormy [Deck thread] [Source of the name]

A few years ago, Star City started simplifying the deck names they used. So Canadian Threshold became RUG Delver. Ironically, in Standard, they had a deck called Solar Flare. Solar Flare was a black white deck named after an old deck by the same name. The old deck was called Solar Flare because it contained Angel of Despair, which looks like Krililn from DBZ, whose signature move is Solar Flare.

Some Legacy decks:

Nic Fit - GBx abusing Veteran Explorer + Cabal Therapy - Named because those cards are a "Nice Fit" Spanish Inquisition - Bx Storm - Because no one expects it! Deadguy Ale - Essentially BW Death & Taxes - I can't find proof but I'm pretty sure this one is named after Rogue's beer by the same name. Solitare - Argothian Enchantress combo - Named because you're basically just playing by yourself. Oozing - Get Necrotic Ooze into play, dump value creatures into the yard, usually including Griselbrand. Instant-speed kill with Phyrexian Devourer and Walking Ballista in the yard - The name obviously comes from Necrotic Ooze but I wanted to point this one out because the combo is so cool. Eva Green - Suicide Black with a spalsh of green - Named because Eva Green is hot. Sylvan Plug - Green stompy - Named after this statue Quinn The Eskimo - Scrying Sheets control - Named for a Bob Dylan song