MTGO Vintage players contact info

I'm RagingRiver on MTGO. I only play weird jonnie brews. Currently testing blue aggro shops, mono-white mentor, weird white lock decks, kobold storm…you get the idea 😉
I don't play super often. Usually 10pm-2am eastern time.

Hey, I'm Mark. Vintage_Rage on MTGO. I'm usually playing in tournament practice and I have most decks ready to go. I'm still learning MTGO, but I've been playing paper Vintage for about 7 years. I'm just now starting to really focus on practicing and getting better. If I'm online I'm definitely down for a game.

I'll probably start playing Leagues and Challenges soon, and I'm heading to PA for Eternal weekend as well. After that I'm going back to school 6 days/week and will have very little time for Magic. Feel free to say hi if you see me online or off.

I'm hierarchnoble on MTGO. I play 4 Cavern of Souls in all my decks.

Hi! I'm "Master_Hades" on MTGO. I'm new to vintage and started after the competitive leagues announcement. Before I got the format staples I tried to play with Dredge but I was not wise enough to play pos-sideboard. My favorite deck right now is Ojutai Standstill but I always like to adjust my list with some unusual techs like Starfield of Nyx + Decree of Silence.

Other formats I play are Modern, Legacy and Commander 1v1.

I'm The_Gremlin_Lord on here and on Twitch. I tend to hang out on The Atog Lord's stream to provide valuable advice.

Hey guys, names John I am from the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area, user name is TinkerBot. Always down to throw some vintage around hit me up when you wanna play some!

hi, i'm 'neo-mahakala-108' on MTGO i play in vintage.

feel free to add me.

i am in CET/CEST time zone (Europe).

Hi, my name is Joe Dyer and I go by "volrathxp" on MTGO. I started playing Vintage regularly on Modo at the beginning of the year on Sun Titan Dredge (Sunny Dredge).

Hello! My name is Warren and my mtgo name is Admiralackbarr6.

I just bought in yesterday and I have jeskai Sphinx control list that I’m trying to work out the tweaks on. I’ll be building oath soon as well.

I’d love to brew some ideas and play as much as possible!


I actually don’t live too far from the Wilkes area!

My name is Greg and I play modo as illig719. I just updated my UN here to match, it used to be ebgmtg.

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Megantic on MTGO; Central Mass. Just starting out, will be able to vintage in the next week or so.

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