MTGO Vintage players contact info

Can anyone tell me the meat space names for MTGO players TKC55 and _goblinlackey?

@CHA1N5 I don't know who they are but I've never seen a gush player run as good as this TKC55

nwb on MTGO. I play various Gush decks and am around some mornings and many evenings PST. I started Vintage pretty recently and have battled a lot of you fine folks recently. I am always down for a test game.

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I am yugular on MtG:O

I have most of the staples if you need someone to playtest against. I can also borrow cards for cheap to users I can trust.

Hi everyone, kistrand also on MTGO. I play Gush decks but have started buying into other archetypes too. I am in Eastern European Time (GMT+1) and play daily, mostly in evenings.

Solom0xen on MTGO. Looking forward to getting games in with you guys!

Kinny on mtgo. Have a couple variations on mentor decks right now.

Eternally_Blue on MTGO sporadically. Open plays don't seem to fire often.

Hi I'm DragkionDragemna on MTGO. I play pretty much all vintage but also have a few pauper decks if anyone ever needs to test those as well. Interested in testing, have several competitive decks built usually on late nights but it varies. Thrilled to see the new iteration of TMD, and glad to be a part of it!

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Hi I'm Patrick van Beek - pvanbeek online I play evenings in Europe (EST+5). I play most decks except hatebears and dredge

Deadreckoning on MTGO. Play a lot of different decks, formats. You'll occasionally catch me bombing out in the evening vintage dailies or in the tournament practice room.

Loukayza on MTGO. I currently have Dredge built and Workshops built. Haven't been able to play much lately but hoping to get all the staples for the blue decks soon so I can test a number of decks.

Hi, my name is Jon and I go by NonBasicIsland on modo. I'm in the Newfoundland time zone but the hours I'm online are wide open right now. I currently have mentor, DPS, delver, and most of the cards for oath in vintage. I also play reanimator in legacy if anyone is looking for a game. I'm putting a lot of focus on magic at the moment so if anyone ever wants to play a few games or talk vintage I'm always looking to meet to new people and get more involved in the community.

@NonBasicIsland Wow... I did not know that there was such a thing as a Newfoundland time zone. Ironic name, given that I'm 34 and just now found it. A non-basic island indeed.

Who should I contact to get invited to the TMD modo clan?


Zherbus, right?

But, the TMD modo clan is kind of sad to be honest with you

Hey guys and gals, im Rey. Been playing magic since ice age, but the VSL is what got me into vintage last xmas. Currently im playing with Hatebears as my main deck and im working on a Thing in the Ice themed brew. I only have 2 other friends that play vintage on MTGO so would be nice to get to know more peoplez! I have my own Teamspeak server which is currently used for a small EDH playgroup.

IGN: NinjaDazed

goat314 on Modo. Looking to do some testing for upcoming events.

I'm Axehurdle on MTGO just like here.

Currently only bought into DPS. Looking to pick up other decks gradually.

I'm usually on from 6-9 EST

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Ked on MTGO. Currently playing various gush/delver/mentor decks while I build up my collection. Online infrequently, mostly Thursday and Sunday nights (UTC - I'm based in Leeds, UK) once the kids are in bed, but always keen for a match in the tournament practice room.

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