MTGO Vintage players contact info

  • Didnt follow the site for a while and had to reregister for whatever reason.
    MasamuneK on MTGO. Glad to play anytime.
    Really looking for people to play Oldschool Vintage. Except Chaos Orb, I dont see much card missing on modo

  • I posted in the TMD name change thread as well -

    Old TMD Username: TheShop
    New TMD Username: Balanceftw
    MTGO Username: Balanceftw

    My name is Nick and I am excited to finally have the opportunity to play with you guys! Send me invites, I am trying to be on around 9-11pm CST.

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  • TigersBadger on MTGO.

  • @MasamuneK I'd be happy to play Old School versus you, I'll build my deck too (just minus Chaos Orb)!

  • zhurai on MTGO
    PST timezone

  • Biggysmallz77
    Eastern Time Zone

  • Hello everyone. my name on mtgo is the same as here. feel free to challenge me to a match if you see me online. I try to play as many P9C as possible and dailies, but's difficult when living in europe(Denmark) CET

  • oufanforever0212 on MTGO, from the Vintage hotbed of Norman, Oklahoma \s.
    Should be able to play more now since I am finally done with school.

  • Hello! My name is Erin Campbell, and I'm pretty new to Vintage. I've only been playing the format for a couple months, but everyone has been really accommodating, and helpful.

    My MTGO username is 'Oestrus,' and you can find me playing Dredge.

  • RedManaBirds
    Eastern Time Zone

  • My name on MTGO is WWolf. I am working on acquiring basically every Vintage deck. For now I just have one. I use the same username on Cockatrice.

  • @Prospector said in MTGO Vintage players contact info:

    Hi I'm Patrick van Beek - pvanbeek online I play evenings in Europe (EST+5). I play most decks except hatebears and dredge

    Thanks to the banning of troll in modern I now play dredge too. Just need a reprint of cavern (of souls) in MM3 and I'll be in my way to hatebears too

  • Hi, I'm Kevin Douglass, with the incredibly creative handle of kevdou on MTGO. I have a lot of decks I play for practice, but have exclusively played merfolk when I've been able to join a Daily event. EST time from Kalamazoo, MI, USA.

  • My name is Steve Nowakowski, smnowako on MTGO. I used to play a lot on vintage but haven't in the past couple of years. I'm looking forward to that changing.

  • Hello everyone!
    I am new to Vintage, I've had a few years experience before my 3 year break from magic. I only played Standard/Modern and some Legacy at that time. I am from Sweden and would love to play you guys, I have two BUG decks, a UW Mentor and soon something like Paradoxical Storm (Not sure if I want to buy more Mox Opals atm.). Feel free to add me on MTGO, screen name Toffs. I would love to play against some MUD/Shops and Oath, cause that is the decks I'm currently struggling most against atm, however, with that said I'll love to play any deck.

  • Bigdeezyrider on MTGO. Have been playing UR Blood moon recently, but have most of the cards for the blue decks, but not for shops or dredge. Still relatively new to vintage however, and would love to help people test if they need. Online in the evenings (variable from 6p-12a) EST.

  • rifter2001, I just started in vintage on mtgo but I have a saheeli oath deck. Mountain time for my time zone

  • Hi, even if i have all the paper cards for vintage i don't have time to play in real life so i've decided to play also on MTGO... my nick is caron, i'll be happy to playtest with whoever wants to play.
    I'm From Florence (Italy).

  • TMD Supporter

    I'm RagingRiver on MTGO. I only play weird jonnie brews. Currently testing blue aggro shops, mono-white mentor, weird white lock decks, kobold storm…you get the idea 😉
    I don't play super often. Usually 10pm-2am eastern time.