MTGO Vintage players contact info

  • zhurai on MTGO
    PST timezone

  • Biggysmallz77
    Eastern Time Zone

  • Hello everyone. my name on mtgo is the same as here. feel free to challenge me to a match if you see me online. I try to play as many P9C as possible and dailies, but's difficult when living in europe(Denmark) CET

  • oufanforever0212 on MTGO, from the Vintage hotbed of Norman, Oklahoma \s.
    Should be able to play more now since I am finally done with school.

  • Hello! My name is Erin Campbell, and I'm pretty new to Vintage. I've only been playing the format for a couple months, but everyone has been really accommodating, and helpful.

    My MTGO username is 'Oestrus,' and you can find me playing Dredge.

  • RedManaBirds
    Eastern Time Zone

  • My name on MTGO is WWolf. I am working on acquiring basically every Vintage deck. For now I just have one. I use the same username on Cockatrice.

  • @Prospector said in MTGO Vintage players contact info:

    Hi I'm Patrick van Beek - pvanbeek online I play evenings in Europe (EST+5). I play most decks except hatebears and dredge

    Thanks to the banning of troll in modern I now play dredge too. Just need a reprint of cavern (of souls) in MM3 and I'll be in my way to hatebears too

  • Hi, I'm Kevin Douglass, with the incredibly creative handle of kevdou on MTGO. I have a lot of decks I play for practice, but have exclusively played merfolk when I've been able to join a Daily event. EST time from Kalamazoo, MI, USA.

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