4/30 - Barcelona - LCV 2016 April Edition @ Mana Infinito

  • Next tournament of LCV will take place at Mana Infinito, Barcelona, the 30th of april.

    Mana Infinito Store
    C/Lepant 238-242 Local 10 (cross C/ Aragón)
    Underground: Monumental (L2) & Sagrada Familia (L2) (L5)
    Regristation starts at 10h (20.-€)
    BUDGET prize: 10€ from every budget player will go for a budget prize
    Organizes: Mana Infinito Store.

    PRIZES (With 45 players or more)

    1st: Mox Unlimited (to be defined between Emerald, Ruby or Pearl)
    2nd: Tarmogoyf
    Top4: Misty Rainforest
    Top8: Polluted Delta (Onslaught)

  • TMD Supporter

    First time in 2 years that we will be giving away a Mox for the 1st (if we reach 45 players).

    If you by any chance are around Barcelona by the time, don't miss the chance to play in the oldest Vintage League in the World :)

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