March 18 - Nanuet, NY - ToyWiz Vintage


    Eternal Extravaganza Bronze Level Satellite Vintage Tournament. :D

    $25 Entry

    This is a Vintage format Magic Tournament run as part of the Eternal Extravaganza Satellite Series. This tournament has a bronze level, which will grant players Eternal Extravaganza points in addition to the regular prize. 100% of the entry fees collected will be paid back out as store credit.
    1st place: 50% of entry fees as store credit
    2nd place: 25% of entry fees as store credit
    3rd/4th place: 12.5% of entry fees as store credit
    We have an extensive singles collection and it will be an option to bank the store credit.
    The tournament will take place over 4 Swiss rounds, with standings used as the results.

    The points breakdown will be as follows:
    4-0: 5 Points
    3-1: 2 Points

    The store credit will be divided among the players with the best records.

    Up to 15 proxies will be permitted.

  • TMD Supporter

    Hopefully the weather doesn't turn folks away tomorrow, but I'll try to make it up.

    Last time I was there I brought along a small binder of foil playtest cards I made, and everyone I played, win or lose, got to pick one. I was happy that people took pride in their decks as I saw a bunch of pimped-out card choices. It also seems like "nice proxies" is a prize most posters in another thread agreed would be neat-o to win/get (and also beer haha).

    Hope to see players show up and throw down!

  • Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

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