March 25 - Battle Creek, MI

  • Where: BC Comix
    669 Capital Ave SW, Battle Creek, MI 49015
    When: March 25, 2017
    Round 1 begins at 1:00pm
    Entry: $10
    Format: Vintage with Swiss rounds. Cut to top 4, top 8, or swiss +1 based on attendance and the preference of the players.
    Prizes: 100% of entry fees will be given out as store credit.

    Unsanctioned, unlimited proxies (PLEASE try to do better than sharpie on basics, although if this is all you can do please join anyways!).

  • My brother and I, so far with at least one other, will be there. We promoted this at the RIW monthly last weekend and talked about it with everyone yesterday at the Sandusky TSO. Pretty excited and hope to get a good turn out.

    Bring your null rods people, I am bringing the weapons.

  • In 2 days, I will leave the comfort of my crimson tower by the freeway to set out into the strange and foreign landscape of the West. I will venture far to abduct then subdue the legendary @cutlex so that I am not charging alone into this foolish battle.

    Bring your Null Rods motherfuckers.

    I will burn every library, all this imposter knowledge of the way things are, and only when there is nothing but ash and the blood of Emrakul dripping from the sun will I claim my trophy.

    You better stop me.

    Or bow to the might of 2 Card Monte.

  • @Shaman-Ben I feel the need to auto-scoop if we are paired against each other just because of that last post.

  • @biggysmallz77 It would give you more time for activities!

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