Clash at the Cradle Magic Vintage Event 4/30/17

  • The Cradle of Aviation Museum and The Comic Book Depot presents

    Clash at the Cradle: A Vintage Magic the Gathering Event!

    Sunday April 30th, 9:00am-8:00pm
    9:00am check-in, 10:00am players meeting, 10:15am round one begins!

    Cradle of Aviation Museum, Charles Lindbergh Blvd., Garden City NY, 11530

    Competitive rules enforcement level (REL) with deck list required for both events. There will be one level 2 and one level 1 judge. There will be dealer tables, prizes and side events.

    Vintage: EE Gold Event and a NYSE Qualifier
    Run by The Comic Book Depot in the Museum’s Red Planet Cafe
    $60.00 Pre-registration, $65.00 at the door if available.
    15 Card Proxy Limit.

    Pre-register for Vintage here:

    Prizes (with minimum of 50 players)
    1st place - an unlimited Mox Sapphire + 100 EE Points, a Winner’s Trophy and a NYSE invite
    2nd place - Bazaar of Bagdad + 50 EE Points
    3rd and 4th place - revised Underground Sea + 25 EE Points
    5th-8th place - revised Tundra + 10 EE Points
    If 60+ players, 9th-12th place gets $75.00 Comic Book Depot credit
    over 70 players 3 English Mana Drains will be raffled off.

    For vendor table opportunities, please contact Seamus Keane at

    0_1488487061441_vintage prizes.jpg

  • Awwww yeaaaa. Sapphire is gorgeous. Saw it in person

  • Awesome! I'm going to try to make it out to this event.

  • Less than one month away. Spread the word.

  • One week from Sunday are you ready?

  • This looks like a great event. I rearranged my work weekends expressly to be able to make this event.

    See you there, Alan!

  • @Prospero Thank you Nick.

  • Well, the B&R list update makes this the first major event for our new format.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing what people decide to bring.

    See you there!

  • You still have a few more days to sign up for vintage and save $5.00.
    Hope you guys can make it.

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