4/9 - Somerville, NJ - Vintage 1K at The Only Game In Town (TOGIT)

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    Registration Begins: 11:00 am
    Round 1 Begins: 12:00 pm

    Entry Fee: $30
    Format: Vintage (Unsanctioned)

    Prizes (Guaranteed):
    1st: $400 Store Credit
    2nd: $200 Store Credit
    3rd/4th: $100 Store Credit
    5th-8th: $50 Store Credit

    Competitive REL; Decklists are required

    The Only Game in Town
    211 West Main St
    Somerville, NJ 08876

    Rules for Proxies:
    Maximum of 10 proxies total between maindeck and sideboard

    Proxies must be clear, obvious, and not distinguishable from
    the non-proxies
    •Do NOT use the back of a magic card and a sharpie marker
    •Do NOT put a piece of paper in front of a card in a sleeve
    •Do NOT use ball point pens or other sharp writing tools, as
    they can mark the card
    •One option is to use a basic land card and clearly write all
    of the relevant details of the proxied card
    •Another option is to use a card that shares many
    characteristics with the card being proxied and use an
    eraser to remove the non-matching qualities. Then sharpie
    in the correct details

    All proxies must have the following correct information:
    •The FULL name of the card
    •The correct casting cost including all colored mana symbols
    (abbreviated as letters [WUBRG])
    •All relevant text (type/subtype, rules text)

    If you have any questions about this policy, please post on the
    event wall or speak to the Head Judge on the day of the event,
    with enough time to replace the proxies if necessary

    The Only Game in Town is always buying and selling. We have every standard legal card in stock, as well as most Modern staples and many Legacy cards!

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