4/9/17 - RIW Hobbies - Livonia, Michigan - Unlimited Proxy Vintage

  • Our next monthly event is on the 9th of April. We had 18 players last month, including some new faces and old friends.

    Riw Hobbies
    29571 5 Mile Rd, Livonia, Michigan 48154

    Store opens at 12 and play begins at 1 pm.


    $20 store credit per player added to prize pool and paid out to top finishers. Last month there was $360 in the prize pool

    Swiss+1 no cut
    This has been working well. Instead of everyone playing a couple rounds, drawing and then splitting, we had people playing all six rounds last month and the final standings were shaken up and decided by the last round. There were no intentional draw and it gave us a clear winner when all the bloodshed came to an end.

    As always, we are liberal about proxies. Printed pictures in front of basic lands works well, but my only real request (aside from the obvious) is that they are clearly represented to your opponent. If you have any questions shoot me a message.

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