[AKH] As Foretold

  • Its only good function is casting the Suspend 0 cards. None of them see play in Vintage though.

  • @MaximumCDawg

    Hmm I'm not so sure that is true. As Foretold....Strip mine go. Wasteland go. Engineered explosives, free time walk go again. Ghost quarter, free mentor go. Wasteland, free Jace, win.

    This card also lets you start playing spells with converted mana costs you cannot normally play. Off color things etc. Plus every tutor for an instant card becomes a crazy 2 for 1. A normal demonic tutor for ancestral is a nice 1BU draw 3 spell. But with this out that is 0 mana draw 3 between the 2 turns. I think a really low mana very disruptive deck with this sounds pretty amazing to me. I think you have to play a bunch of instants to get "two uses per turn" out of this to make it worth while though.

  • @Serracollector said in [AKH] As Foretold:

    Im not understanding the lack of amazement in this card. Drop this turn 1, turn 2 cast a free cantrip, and cast time walk, after that literally everything in your deck is free (since derpstep, probe, gush, and FOW are free already). This is a 3 mana Omnipotence for most blue based decks after its been in play for 2-3 turns. How is that not broken as fuck?

    @Chase_Dagger fair. Still, omnipotence for 3 mana that allows 1 free spell a turn, Im in.

    In combination with Lotus, Time Walk and cantrip most cards are good. I could think of many better things to do with my Lotus though.

  • @Griselbrother said in [AKH] As Foretold:

    In combination with Lotus, Time Walk, and cantrip most cards are good. I could think of many better things to do with my Lotus though.

    Have to agree with @Griselbrother on this one.

    If we assume your hand is Black Lotus, Brainstorm, Time Walk, As Foretold, at the end of your second turn you'll have gotten a free Brainstorm and a free Time Walk.

    If we assume your hand is Black Lotus Brainstorm, Time Walk, Jace the Mind Sculptor, then at the end of your second turn you'll have gotten FOUR Brainstorms and still have cast the Time Walk, and you have a Jace in play.

    If your hand had a Monastery Mentor instead, You're attacking twice with 3 Monks by the end of your second turn, and depending on what you draw off of the Brainstorm there's a nonzero chance you win before they get another turn.

    I'm not saying there's no use for this card, but if there is one, it has to be a scenario where As Foretold is better than common alternatives, and it has to be in a deck that can maximize the chances of that scenario happening. Try and figure out what it does better than anything else?

  • Hi, how does this card work if you have multiple of them in play at the same time? Still one free spell per turn or one per copy of As foretold in play? I think from reading the card it's probably once per turn but thought I'd check to be sure. Thanks in advance for your help.

  • @kistrand Wait for the release notes.

  • @kistrand release notes will be best but since the last line refers to itself, "where X is the number of time counters on As Foretold." you can read the card as, "where X is the number of time counters on ~this~." It refers to itself. So multiple As Foretolds should each allow you to play a spell for free.

    201.4. Text that refers to the object it’s on by name means just that particular object and not any other objects with that name, regardless of any name changes caused by game effects.

  • ok, thanks to @Khahan and @fsecco for the answer. I think the X part makes sense when I think about it.

  • @Brass-Man Agree with your example, and I think it does show that As Foretold requires a bit of "building around" to be effective (and is probably never tier one in vintage regardless). I've been doing some paper testing trying to abuse Ancestral Vision with As Foretold in a "Foretold Mentor" deck, and having access to four extra Ancestral Recall is quite a thing. The main concern is that As Foretold is a bit slow to hit the board (meaning you might be too far behind already) and, as in my example with Ancestral Visions, takes up a lot of card slots in your deck if you want to abuse it (I've tested with 3 AF and 4 AV). But I truly believe that it's in combination with suspend cards (and probably Ancestral Visions mainly in vintage beacuse, hey, we like our draw-threes) that As Foretold might hold its greatest potential.

  • @Khahan I just noticed that this was also stated in the release notes: "If you control multiple As Foretolds, you may cast one spell for each of them paying 0." I'm gonna try some decks with As Foretold+Ancestral visions to see how it fares. If it turn out to be only good enough as a "for fun" card then so be it, no harm in trying and for fun is also fun ; )

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