Well then. That got interesting:

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It's not a human, but one hell of a hatebear.

Leovold fish deck's probably like it in the board. Same for Sylvan Mentor for those fond of green in their mentor.

It feels like a weird toolbox card for Oath?

I know Brian will love this thing, heh.

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This qualifies as a legit beast

2/3 would have put him / her / it in rare air because it could fight with Thalia and Revokers. The second clause is certainly good but it's 3 mana. Is anyone casting Reclamation Sage in Vintage besides me occasionally in Sabboth?

This creature would be awesome as a 1/1 for G. At 2G.... I think we'd all rather have Ingot Chewer, even without the paradoxial outcome hate.

@MaximumCDawg I go back and forth on this. It's very possible I am over estimating the utility of the second clause.

I'm not certain it is better than Trygon Predator, and that barely sees play.

It feels like this is close to being very interesting.

@Winterstar Totes. The problem with this card is not the abilities, which are sweet. It's that we usually ask a card that costs 3 mana to win the game on the spot, and this doesn't really do that.

I think this was MUCH better in a meta before Walking Ballista existed. This is basically 3 mana, destroy an artifact. I'd much rather have Ancient grudge and get 2 artificats for 3 mana. It does not get adjusted for thorn, but that's about it. And if I'm going to insist on a creature in that spot if the deck can handle R like another mentioned I think ingot chewer is better.

That 1 point in toughness makes all the difference in this being playable good and 'just miss' to me.

This is more of a Steel Sabotage type card than Ingot Chewer, since it's one of those Shop hate cards that has some sort of limited but appreciable application in a combo match-up. I did test Reclamation Sage in GSZ and it was not horrible. However, on more than one occasion, I used it to destroy Oath of Druids. I'd say this card is not unplayable, but it may not see actual play.

@Khahan Agreed on walking ballista. Trike was already a popular finisher for shops, but Ballista is an entirely different kettle of fish.

If cast early this is almost a timewalk versus PO decks tho isnt it?

@Serracollector said in [AKH] Manglehorn:

If cast early this is almost a timewalk versus PO decks tho isnt it?

It's much better than a Time Walk in that situation, - generally a PO deck plans on playing the same artifact 2 or 3 times in the same turn and tapping it for mana each time, this completely shuts that off.

Super interesting card, but I think the biggest problem it has going for it is the color. Printed in any other color I could see some immediate applications for it, but green makes it a stretch

Leovold decks are growing from what I have noticed in the Meta. Green having deathrite shaman, sylvan library, and Leovold, has been a good push for green lately. Also this is fetchable with GSZ, which has been seeing a little more play recently due to Leovold. You drop this guy turn 2 off Dr. Shaman versus PO is almost, or is equally strong, as dropping Leovold turn 2 versus them. Stronger in the cases where you destroy that first Mana Rock/Defense Grid.

if this was like 2cc even without the ETB shatter this would have been a very good sideboard against PO Storm decks

@Serracollector yeah, Leovold decks are definitely gaining ground, but I don't think they want this as much as other decks would? They already have Claims and Trygons which could be better for them (Claim having synergy with the high Snapcaster/JVP count, Trygon being more controlling but perhaps worse in a post-Ballista world)

My thinking is that the "artifacts come into play tapped" ability is most useful for decks that care about tempo, or have problems with Paradoxical Outcome, and right now Green decks care the least about tempo or Outcome. Leovold decks are very slow/controlling and probably have a better natural Outcome matchup than other blue decks, and Sylvan Mentor is probably the most controlling/least tempo-centric version of Gush.

If this card was in White, Eldrazi would get a gigantic bump against shops (synergy with Displacer? insane).

If this card was in Red, then Jeskai Mentor and particularly Delver would have an interesting way to race shops decks.

If this card was in Black (obviously it wouldn't be, but hypothetically), it would be the best artifact removal spell in the color, giving straight U/b combo decks an option it never had before.

If this card was Blue, then it would have all of the advantages of being in red/black/or green, except castable off of basic islands which would be insane.

That's all I meant when I said that green was the worst color for this card (though pretty obviously the correct color from a game-design perspective). I don't want this in any green decks right now. I would have wanted this in some nongreen decks.

If I were still seriously working on White Eldrazi I would be curious about trying this out with a green splash (in part because Horizon Canopy is such an insanely good card), but ultimately I don't think the Eldrazi vs Shops matchup is bad enough to hurt the manabase just to run a shops hate card. (and this isn't a good enough anti-Outcome card to splash just for that, either)

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