Deal Me In Games 2017 Series Event 2 4/8/17

  • Congratulations to Joe Brennan (why do we bother since he wont touch social media Joe!!) for taking down the April Deal Me In Games event, beating Stephen Nowakowski in the finals match 2-1. The rest of the top 8 was rounded out by Keith Grim, Josh Barkon, Dan Barkon, Greg Hoover, William Dayton and Jeremy Beaver.

    Top 8 quarter-finals:
    Stephen Nowakowski defeats Greg Hoover 2-1
    Dan Barkon defeats Josh Barkon in the battle of the brothers
    Joe Brennan defeats Jeremy Beaver
    Keith Grim defeats William Dayton

    Joe Brennan defeats Keith Grim
    Stephen Nowakowski defeats Dan Barkon

    Joe "1st turn library" Brennan defeats Stephen Nowakowski

    I forgot to grab the decklists last night before I left so the top 8 lists will be coming later this week. I did get the round by round results so the leaderboard can be updated.
    Points from this event:
    Dan Barkon: 17
    Josh Barkon 12
    Jason Beaupre 11
    Jeremy Beaver 12
    Joe Brennan 21
    Samantha Dayton 6
    William Dayton 13
    Dominick Difebo 9
    Troy Fluks 9
    Stephen Ganter 11
    John Geras 9
    Greg Hoover 13
    Evan Hundertmark 9
    Madi Lentz 7
    Chris Materewicz 2
    Brendan McCarley 9
    Dan Miller 9
    Michael Monks 11
    Steve Nowakowski 20
    Joe Pace 11
    Josh Potucek 9
    Keith Seals 15
    Carson Shup 5
    Chris Varosky 9

    Our rolling total for the leaderboard after 2 events is:

    Dan Barkon 17
    Josh Barkon 32
    Jason Beaupre 11
    Jeremy Beaver 21
    Joe Brennan 38
    Matt Buck 11
    Max Clark 9
    Samantha Dayton 12
    William Dayton 29
    Dominic Difebo 9
    Troy Fluks 9
    Josh Fuller 11
    Stephen Ganter 14
    John Geras 18
    Chuck Greb 11
    Sean Higgins 5
    Greg Hoover 22
    Chris Hopkinson 9
    Evan Hundertmark 18
    Nicholas Kirkenbauer 9
    Josh Lalo 20
    Madi Lentz 7
    Joel Lim 11
    Dan Miller 16
    Michael Monks 11
    Steve Nowakowski 17
    Joe Pace 11
    Josh Potucek 26
    Josh Richards 11
    Keith Seals 30
    William Sees 13
    Carson Shup 5
    Dan Sollazzo 7
    Chris Varosky 22

    This means our top 8 qualifiers at the moment are:

    1. Joe Brennan 38
    2. Josh Barkon 32
    3. Keith Seals 30
    4. William Dayton 29
    5. Josh Potucek 26
      6/7 Greg Hoover/Chris Varosky 22
    6. Jeremy Beaver 21

    If you see any mistakes, please let me know.

  • Joe actually does check this website from time to time. He uses it to find events to win lol.



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