A Modest Proposal

  • @xouman I hope someone plays all of those in hate bears for the next VSL season.

    The reason that oath is still around is that people forgot about it and stopped side boarding against it after it disappeared from major top eights due to the printing of priest and cage.

  • The problem with hate bears is that there are 3 cmc sorceries that completely wreck your board position and tempo. Could you imagine the equivalent being printed?

    Only Permanents Stick Around
    2B, Sorcery
    Split Second
    As an additional cost, pay X life.
    Target player reveals his or her hand and discards all instants and sorceries with cmc <= X. Shuffle that player's library.

    That card would never see print, but yet Toxic Deluge is wiping boards at the same cost and the same potential for interaction from critters.

  • Sorcery and split second don't combine. Change "Target player" for "all players" and I agree with you that it would be as fair as Toxic deluge, or even more since toxic deluge kills creatures that have been played (thus after mana investment). However nowadays we have Mind twist and nobody plays it, so I don't think the former would be played regularly.

  • Split Second is important so that spells can't interact with it. All players is a fair change. I think a split second Mind Twist would see play, for what it's worth.

  • Split second is nice, but it's not going to be seem frequently. And I was trying to state that Split second and sorcery don't match since a spell with split second can be cast at any moment, being effectively an instant and not a sorcery.

    If a card like this gets a fow, it's already card advantage, so I'm not sure it needs some kind of uncounterable to improve dramatically. BTW there is also Sirocco, which has an "alternative cost" but never saw play even in burn sideboards.

  • Split second and flash are different. Take a quick glance at Sulphur Elemental and Quagnoth. One has flash, the other doesn't.

    Sirocco only hits blue instants. If it hit spells it'd be banned.

  • Lacks good-natured satire and/or cannibalism references.

  • Well, someone did eat a Time Walk at a tourney once. I think eating all the power is a modest proposal for dealing with blue being overpowered...

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    @AmbivalentDuck I was that persons ride and room mate for that weekend scg roanake. absolutely hilarious.

    would you believe me if I told you he was now a successful lawyer?

  • It's April Fools Day, so yes! Now that he's better financed, has he considered eating a beta Black Lotus to prove that he's above cheating? Some of us still had our doubts after the Time Walk was chewed, but not swallowed. Swallowing is how you show you're sincere.

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    alt text

    Wombo Combo acquired.

  • At first I thought this was an April fools post then noticed who started the thread...

  • @vaughnbros First warning! Trolling an admin.