[AKH] Grasping Dunes

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    Spot removal for Shops? I kinda like it since it's a Cabal Pit colorless decks can play.
    The problem is it doesn't kill Mentor (you'd need 2 Dunes for that). But it deals with Revoker, PPyromancer and Thalia. I guess it's meta dependant and, right now, I it doesn't feel that great due to Mentor and Jace Vryn, but it's a nice effect. Coupled with Crucible it can do a lot.

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    The activation doesn't require colorless. This could go into any deck; best use maybe in Storm for killing Thalia. Has a leg up on Cabal Pit for not needing a second black or threshold, but still only produces colorless. Maybe in a Chromatic Star build.

    Killing Revoker is also huge because that enables Pack Rat to be better. (Attaining Threshold can be difficult against Revoker decks)

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    Agree. This card seems powerful as colorless removal not being affected by tax effects.

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    This can also kill stuff without breaking a Standstill.

  • Kills a Camel dead.

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    Seems like an upgrade from Quicksand, though, since the opponent will never walk a Thalia to the quicksand, but now you can make the quicksand walk to the Thalia!

    Seriously, though, this seems like a pretty fringe effect. Cabal Pit and Barbarian Ring exist. Is being colorless a big enough deal that this will see play where they really don't anymore?

  • @MaximumCDawg would a colorless Eldrazi aggro deck replace any of the existing lands with this? Or board it? There's not much that a Revoker does, or Thalia against that deck and those are the most prevalent X/1's.

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    Another colorless, permanent-based way to end Revoker/Kataki/welder/delver/etc. is always welcome. That being said, this is more of a "I'm glad this option exists" instead of a "wow I need to slot this in somewhere".

  • @cutlex said in [AKH] Grasping Dunes:

    Another colorless, permanent-based way to end Revoker/Kataki/welder/delver/etc. is always welcome. That being said, this is more of a "I'm glad this option exists" instead of a "wow I need to slot this in somewhere".

    Forgot about Kataki. Karakas isn't always permanent solution.

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    I wonder if this card is worth a one-of slot in a deck like Standstill or even Shops if they're running Crucible of Worlds...

    With crucible you can at least kill a two toughness creature relatively easily.

  • @Islandswamp I'd say there should be room for at least 2. Killing Kataki is great!

  • Did it really need the 'Sorcery' clause? How pitiful is Type II that it can't handle that at Instant speed. So it's sort of in a bind vs. Kataki. If you run it out it may get Wasted and it's useless on their turn, if you sandbag it that's one less mana to use during upkeep. And since you can't actually kill the Kataki on their turn with this it puts you in a weird spot. I think in the end it's too clumsy and there are too many other utility lands competing for the land spots in various colorless decks.

  • @nedleeds

    Lol standard:

    Turn 4 Emrakul, that's fine for a little while.

    2 card turn 4 combo, we can fight through it.

    A land that gives -1/-1 as an instant: way too powerful, nerf it.

  • @gkraigher They probably don't want Deserts as combat tricks for limited. There's that green uncommon that fetches a Desert when it cycles, for example.

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    Personally, I'm excited to try this out as an anti-workshop card in blue decks. This might have more utility than sideboard Wasteland. (though it's a lot worse against Dredge)

    I'm less sold on its use in Thorn of Amethyst decks, as they already had problems fitting in the right nonbasics well before this was printed (if I don't have room for more than 3 Factories, it's going to be hard to justify this). I have to admit, though, the applications specifically in the Shops vs White Eldrazi matchup could be pretty interesting in the right meta.

  • I love this card with crucible of worlds but I still find it narrow. Really needed to be instant speed, and even better not have a mana in its activation cost.

  • @gkraigher Agreed, and on top of that, certain meta tendencies. For example, if Mentor should become restricted and disappear in favor of Grixis builds that, in consensus, sport Young Pyromancer as the next best thing.

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    @fsecco said in [AKH] Grasping Dunes:

    @Islandswamp I'd say there should be room for at least 2. Killing Kataki is great!

    I just finished writing about this card. It should be up tomorrow evening late, or Friday morning early.

  • This card is not very good. Sure, it puts a -1-1 counter on a card, but what do you really want to hit?

    Young Peezy? Sure, I'll give you that.

    Mentor? LOL
    Ravager? Sure, if there's literally 0 other creatures.
    Hangarback walker? Okay, and that's probably fine IF they play it at 1.
    Walking Balista? Sure, if they play it at 1.
    Anything else in the format? meh.

    Kataki isn't a real card.

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    @MSolymossy said in [AKH] Grasping Dunes:

    Kataki isn't a real card.

    It's very real in the eldrazi vs. shops matchup. That being said, in hindsight this card is terrible against Kataki.

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    I think the most important things that this card kills are Thalia, Guardian of Thraben and Phyrexian Revoker (which can't name lands to turn it off).

    There is a very high bar to meet for lands to justify their inclusion in a Workshop or Eldrazi deck, so I'm not sure it's enough, even though Revoker is a very important card in a lot of those matchups.

    There is a much lower bar for lands in non-Workshop blue decks, however. Hypothetically I could imagine a deck that really wanted a sphere-proof, uncounterable answer to Thalias and Revokers, as well as the occasional Aegis of the Gods. Decks that have issues with Thalia often have extra lands in their sideboard already.

    Do I think that a Sorcery-speed -1/-1 effect is good general-purpose utility in vintage? No. But I also kind of don't believe in general-purpose cards at all. If you run cards that push the game in a direction where X/1s AND making extra land drops matter (e.g. you'll definitely win unless your opponent sticks a hate bear) then this is a good card. If you don't, this is not a good card.

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