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  • @caleb said in Restricted List Poll:

    @ChubbyRain even then workshops have about 6% more than mentor,, which is not insignificant

    and not to mention Workshop decks are far more homogenized than either Gush or Mentor decks.

  • @fsecco I've actually heard some voices say that Mentor would be one of the more reasonable Bans to 'hit' Miracles without destroying it like almost any other of the proposed Bans would (Can the deck survive without CounterTop or Terminus? Not really).

    And I can somewhat understand their logic. Prior to the adoption of Mentor into the Miracles shell it actually had a far wider range of bad matchups. Chief among them being Eldrazi Stompy, though Death & Taxes was also performing better as was 12post. By taking away that tool from their arsenal it should theoretically make the metagame better able to self-correct in attacking Miracles.

    Would it be enough to take it out of the top echelon of Legacy decks? Most certainly not. But I think it would actually be enough to bring it down from Tier 0 to Tier 1.

  • @VSarius I'd disagree with that since there are a lot of Predict Miracles winning tournaments without playing Mentor at all. I'd say the safest ban would be Counterbalance. The deck can survive pretty well with it and loses the game-ending lock.

  • @vaughnbros Unrestricted Tolarian Academy would not help Gush or Thorn decks.......just saying.

  • @Serracollector Black Lotus. Unrestrict it.

  • Seems good to me. Let the Vintage players at each and every store make thier own BR list. Fuck Wizards, Vintage has become just like Oldschool, and Oldschool BR lists are on a store to store basis. Free the cards!

  • @Serracollector But realistically this list of cards that don't help Thorn/Gush directly that might actually be considered taken off are:
    Imp Seal / Vampiric / Mystical
    Lion's Eye Diamond / Lotus Petal
    Draw 7's
    Mind's Desire
    The problem is pretty much everyone of these cards helps combo, which then potentially makes Thorns that much better. Maybe turning things into more of a 3 horse, instead of a 2 horse race is better though. I don't know.

  • Much smaller sample, but the opinion poll here seems pretty much the same as the facebook group one:
    13/22 want Mentor Restricted, and 1 more maybe.
    15/22 people checked some sort of change, but only 12/22 actually asked for change specifically.

    6 want Gush Restricted, and 3 more maybes. That's 9 total, which is the same number that explicitly checked No change.

  • @vaughnbros said in Restricted List Poll:

    @Serracollector But realistically this list of cards that don't help Thorn/Gush directly that might actually be considered taken off are:
    Lion's Eye Diamond

    Don't tease me like that.

  • @vaughnbros Restrict every card. One of everything!

  • @Topical_Island Its really the most objective way of doing things.

  • TMD Supporter

    @Topical_Island said in Restricted List Poll:

    @vaughnbros Restrict every card. One of everything!

    I will say that highlander is a really fun format to play. I loved it when my friends and I played it before cube became popular (though to be honest, not a lot of difference between highlander and powered cube).

    Highlander is less skill intensive I think (aside from deckbuilding) than Vintage, but such a deep card pool. Only issue I had was the lack of 4 wastelands makes LIbrary of Alexandria a little ridiculous.

    If you're looking for a fun night, give it a try. Love the format!

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