European Vintage Leaugue season 2 results

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    Decklist can be seen here

    Metagame overview was

    wappla = Jeskai/4c Mentor
    ReneRandrup = Jeskai Mentor feat. Skullclamp
    espiatrianero = Pitch Dredge with Depths sb
    Thiim = Shops variant with Ravagers and Staff of Domination
    PSiGNOSiS = Oath with Inkwell Leviathan and DL Dromoka
    Garlan = Doomsday
    stsung = Car Shops
    deibler = SaheeliOath
    oddseidank = Standstill Depths
    jaeliso = Ravager Shops
    Forduc = JacoDrazi
    yugular = Day’s Undoing Belcher
    kistrand = Sylvan Mentor
    subi = BUG Leovold
    Pierre = Dredge
    Prospector = Ravager Shops
    Thunderpork = BUG Leovold with Rashmi, Eternities Crafter
    moatzu = BUG Leovold



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