Super Budget Mana Base- Vigorous Nullification

  • After thinking a bit about this overnight, the manabase could go in a few different directions (with possibly a few spirit guides in the mix):

    1. Taxing and Nullifying with Root Maze/Orb of Dreams, Null Rod and Stripmine effects
    2. Drop in for the standard 24 card manabase with Sol, Crypt and Vault and a few others
    3. Spit-balling and completely ungoldfished All In mana concept (possible infinite mana/storm):

    4x Amulet of Vigors
    3-4x Ravnica Karoos (Perhaps optional)
    4x Fast Lands
    4x Shocklands
    4x Crumbling Visage
    This below package maybe should be in another deck, but I look forward to trying it out with this manabase.
    3x Gemstone Caverns (replacing the Karoos or Crumbling?)
    4x Chrome Mox
    4x Misthollow Griffin- a card that based on its cc is an unimpressive harder to cast Phantom Monster. But along with Force of Will, Caverns and Chrome, there may be enough critical mass to put it to good use. It makes the three cards CA neutral, enables them and extends your hand/creates a mana sink. Maybe most useful in a moat deck. Its too bad the Eldrazi Processors can't process you own exile zone, perhaps there could be some hijinks if so. Also goes infinite with Food Chain.

  • @Teazia if you cast Misthollow Griffin from exile when it was exiled due to imprint on a mox, doesn't the mox lose the ability to be a mana source?

  • @boxian said in Super Budget Mana Base- Vigorous Nullification:

    @Teazia if you cast Misthollow Griffin from exile when it was exiled due to imprint on a mox, doesn't the mox lose the ability to be a mana source?

    Yes it does.

  • I played a tournament with a build of Powerless Eldrazi that ran 4 Eternal Scourge and 3 Gemstone Caverns. It was not good, even after getting the "combo" off.

  • @The-Gremlin-Lord Interesting. Would Gemstone Caverns, Chrome Mox, and force of will (misdirection) plus misthollow (and maybe a torrent elemental or two) combined with several draw sevens have been better? (Don't think it will work with the Amulet mana base, it floped when goldfishing together).

  • Lotus cobra, anyone? :)
    My go-to for non-powered decks if i can get away with it. (90% of my decks)
    And Tolaria West..

  • @Ten-Ten Cobra would be great in a fetch land deck for sure. This is even more budget than that ;p

  • @Teazia Possibly. I was able to run Eternal Scourge because Matter Reshaper was "good enough" and Eternal Scourge had the same or better power and toughness for the same cost. I'm not entirely sure if the same is true for Misthollow Griffin.

  • I'm thoroughly amused by the interaction between Fastbond, Amulet, any any karoo land. Basically a half-priced Channel.

  • @Cambriel Well, that is going in the deck! Woot! How about some idea for beaters? Right now I have idea for Swarm, Dryad militants, Managorger Hydra (not very synergistic) and Trygon. What else could work in a lock down Simic Deck?

  • If your goal is mega ramp, Ballista seems good.

  • @The-Gremlin-Lord Breiwing up a deck with discard creatures, Gemstone Caverns, Chrome Moxen, Forces, as well as Laylines of Anticipation and 4x Days undoing. Not sure if will work, but seems powerful and worth trying out. Ramp, extended hand, flash spells, and 4x 3/4 Time Walk/Time Twister that refills hand after all that pitching. Maybe adding Notion Thief for extra hijinks.

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