May 13th, 2017-Manchester,NH-Double Midnight Comics

  • When: Saturday May 13, 2017
    Start time: 1:00 pm
    (registration begins at noon)

    What: Unsanctioned Vintage Event
    (Decklists required)
    Swiss rounds with cut to top 8 if more than 11 people
    Swiss rounds + an extra round if less than 11 people

    Where: Double Midnight Comics
    245 Maple Street
    Manchester, NH 03103

    Fees: 10 dollar entry fee
    (20 PLAYTEST CARDS allowed )

    Prizing to Top 4 based on Attendance

    Come Join us at Double Midnight Comics for our new Monthly Vintage Tournament, Every Second Saturday of the Month at 1:00.

    For any questions feel free to message me, Tony Houst.

  • TMD Supporter

    Looking forward to this. Hope to see everyone in the area there to kick off another monthly event in New England.

  • TMD Supporter

    I can't make it to this, and probably won't be able to most months, but I'm really excited about the possibility of multiple, regular Vintage tournaments in the MA/NH area!

  • I will be there for this. And I'll have a few old school decks with me in case people want to flip some chaos orbs.

  • Will try to make this event. I'm like 70-30 in favor of going. Will bring Old School decks as well.

  • @enderfall you should definitely try to come. The store is great and it would be good to get another vintage scene going in NE. plus, old school!

  • @Goblin-Masons the plan is to go if I'm in town. Still some question as to where I might need to be the rest of the weekend. I'm doing everything I can to clear the schedule! Fingers crossed.

  • TMD Supporter

    I am wondering why are decklists required for this event?

  • I'll be there unless I wake up tomorrow with a massive hangover. Hopefully $12 beers at Fenway tonight will help deter that possible outcome.

  • @enderfall sweet! I'm hoping to be there as close to 11 as I can. I know Taylor is heading over for some old school games as well

  • Just a reminder that Double Midnight has their second monthly vintage event next Saturday, June 10th. Hope to see people there.

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