Favorite Abnormal Victories

  • If we are diving into insane wins we have seen, then one of my favorites was a player attempting to donate his illusions of grandeur with a platnum angel in play. Opponent proceeds to misdirect the donate to platnum angel and forced a scoop right there.

  • @p3temangus Donate is not a legal target for Misdirection. Misdirection requires it's targeted spell to only have one target whereas Donate has two; the permanent and the player. I guess they both missed it.

  • This thread is great!

  • @Aaron-Patten wow! They missed it, i missed it and there had to be at least 3 others standing around...though the player casting donate did scoop rather quickly if memory serves.

  • 2001, Im playing 4 color Keeper using Jesters Cap as my win con, using Fact or Fiction and Gaeas Blessing Recursion. My opponent is on MonoBlack LD. I cast Moat. I cap him. No flyers. No disks. I ask him to concede, he refuses. I say fine I am going to exile your entire deck. Commence game. I had 2 cards in hand, I ask him how many cards left in his deck, 7 he says. I braingeyser him for 7, cast balance, zuran orb away my lands, leaving him w no cards in hand, and no permanents, Tormods Crypt his grave, and pass the turn. Why you playing when you got no cards in the game bro?

  • ^ Well, if you're going to mill your opponent, you better do it right.

  • @Prospero said in Favorite Abnormal Victories:

    One of the greatest games I've ever seen...

    It's 2011 or so, and Mike Egan, on U/W Landstill, is playing Visna Harris, on some form of Grixis Control. We're at a fairly developed board state, Visna has some number of Underground Sea and Volcanic Island in play, Egan has a Mishra's Factory and some number of Tundras/basics.

    Egan taps and casts Standstill. Visna cheers. Literally cheers.

    Egan, confused, asks if it resolves. It does. At this point in the game, all Egan has seen is typical blue stuff. Fetches, duals, Force of Will/Mana Drain, etc. Nothing is out of the ordinary. But this is Visna Harris.

    Visna untaps, and plays Bazaar of Baghdad for his turn. Is he on Dragon? Nope. He taps the Bazaar, draws two, and pitches THREE BLOODGHASTS, then passes.

    What the hell is going on here?

    Egan untaps, activates the Factory, and swings for two, then passes.

    Visna untaps, plays MISHRA'S FACTORY to recur his three Bloodghasts.

    The game becomes an utter blowout. Egan pops his Standstill to try and handle the Bloodghast/Factory army from the Grixis Control deck, but it's too much, too quickly.

    There are other good stories, but that one's great.

    LOL. Visna blew me out at EW by transforming into tribal Vampires in game 2. I kept Decay in for his Animates which sort of kept me alive but you know Nighthawks fly and such.

  • Ulted liliana of the veil targeting myself to make a massive Knight of the Reliquary and beat my opponent to death.

  • @Prospero Visna stories are amazing. I remember being blown out by his Nivmagus Elemental deck once.

  • MKM Tournament in Prague, Czech Republic: Playing mono-U Belcher versus... UG Belcher (the one with the leylines, land grant and the timetwister that end the turn).
    Game 3, I am able to go off first, deal 16 damage to my opp before finding the Academy...end turn, opp goes off, dealing me 18 damages before revealing his academy :-) won next turn

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