Favorite Abnormal Victories

  • @Topical_Island

    Yeah, it really has to be THE PERFECT DRAW for that, and again I had to do like a triple-take when I drew that hand. Of course, this was like late 1993 or really early 1994 before real sanctioned tournament play, so we were all still trying to figure out the game. That was my first experience with a first-turn kill as I "recall" (had plenty more after The Dark came out with the classic Ball Lightning, Blood Lust, Berserk combo). I still think my very favorite, however, was establishing infinite turns before my opponent ever had a turn back in late 1994. This was actually a sanctioned tournament in Dallas, and of course Time Vault was banned at the time. It was another "god draw" that let me cast and recur Time Walk and Timetwister with a Fastbond on the board. Even Regrowth and Fork were restricted at the time so I basically kept lucking out until I bolted the guy to death. What really pissed him off was just how obviously inebriated I was at the time. I just kept getting transfixed by the artwork on my cards. Hey, man. I was 14 and in college. Not like I could get a date. You'd be on acid, too. ;)

  • I also know there has been some debate here recently insofar as speed vs. diversity, and I for one have no problem with adding a modicum of speed to encourage said diversity. I've been on both sides of a first-turn kill plenty of times, but that's just POWER VINTAGE to me and I love it. I expect I'm entirely on the fringe of this community here in many respects, but I'd advocate unrestricting/unbanning cards like Strip Mine and Chaos Orb (truly the most powerful card ever) to really shake things up in the format. In any event, I surely always enjoy TMD for these discussions.

  • I had to bump this topic because of a hilarious marathon game I just played on Cockatrice with me on White Hatebears and my opponent on UW Landstill

    It went something like this:

    I get my opponent down to 1 life and with a Revoker in play naming Jace. He then lands a Moat with me at 14 life and him with 16 cards left in his library and a Faerie Conclave in play.

    New plan: Let's deck him with Palace Jailer! He attacks into me with Faerie Conclave making him the Monarch. I then Strip his Faerie Conclave with a Thalia 2.0 in play, setting him back 2 turns of damage. Things are back in my favor!

    He then gets rid of my Revoker and starts Jace fatesealing me. Gets me down to 2 life and Jace ultimates himself with 8 cards in hand and 0 cards in his library, and I win the following turn by playing Leonin Relic-Warder on his Moat and attacking with my bears.

  • @griselbrother Jace ultimiting yourself to not get decked is an all time play

  • One of my favorite wins will always be back in the day at the SCG Chicago P9 tournament. My opponent was playing a Mindslaver deck, and after a grueling battle he was at 5 life, but finally got the lock on me. Smugly he asked "GG?" to which I merely pointed at my Juggernaut and reminded him that it HAD to attack :) I think I ended up 10th place.

  • I cast tinker for BSC.
    Opponent casts tinker for BSC.
    I draw and cast TezzAoB, and make his BSC a 5/5, and attackz
    He blocks, takes 6. Next turn after he bricks, I attack with my 5/5 and he dies to infect.

  • @madmanmike25 YAS! I've had Juggers win the same way in the past.

  • Alright - time to think of this again.

    Burning Oath mirror against Nick Coss 2013 at Gencon - he casts SHow and Tell, adn we both put GrizzlyBeard into play. I forgot the rule change on legends, nick reminds me, draws 14, and I assume I'm dead. But he wiffs, and I get him.

    I have won EASILY a dozen games by "Ancestral - Target you" against opponents on Doomsday throughout the years.

    I've used Mindslaver on opponents with Demonic Consultation in hand back in the day (Questing Pheldagriff), as well as the occasional Necropotence or Yawgmoth's Bargain.

    One of my favorites is hitting opponent for 15 via Bolt, Bolt, Bolt, Snapcaster Bolt, Snapcaster Bolt.

  • @billcopes Some days I wonder why I ever stopped playing with the 5/3 beasties lol.

  • I remember losing a match with hermit druid once because I didn't have a dread return in my deck and it was my main win con. I won the first game though.



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