Some of my unique stolen cards have been recovered. :)

  • I'm heading out to recover my cards from the store now. Once we see what is still at the store, hopefully the store owner will narrow down who sold the cards. (To recap, I assume whoever sold the cards didn't now they were stolen. I just need that confirmed name to let the Police take over.

  • I recovered Promo WurmCoil Engine (that had crease where chair ran over it), Foil Triskele (French Trike), Foil Triskellion (Not french), Asian Triskelian from Anthologies most likely (not foil), Foil Duplicant from Mirroden block (bent as foils sometimes are). These were all in same deck (with power, wastelands etc), but Altered Gilded Lotus and Altered Sundering Titan (all three with silver sharpie and similar art styles) were recognized as "yeah, I saw that, it sold a long time ago". But stuff not found are say, Vintage Dredge with 3 proxies (Bazaar Bazaar and Bazaar with art by BC), Affinity.dec with Arcbound Ravagers with sharpied borders cuz my teammates were idiots, Ancient Tombs (likely foil) and Tezzeret Agent of Bolas (don't remember if anyone ever gave me the foil one), Melek EDH Deck, Sliver EDH deck (with Sliver Token that looked like a token for an arcade game hand drawn), Proxied up Oath of Druids, Blue Mentor, Auriok Salvager deck with 1 Foil, 1 altered Salvager, 4 foil Trinket Mages from 5th Dawn, a playset of signed Ice Ace Brainstorms (signed by Chris Rush in black sharpie) and so forth. Will write up list and distribute it here and to all the FB pages and store pages I can.
    Also, will update police report to have actual contents described.
    Will also shop around the name I have to see if anyone I know knows this person (it didn't come up on FB, but not everyone does FaceBook.

  • Person and address exist, left business card with wife. Probably not this guy, but I havent talked to him yet. Apparently he does.comics but not MTG. We will see.

  • @LotusHead Online police report was rejected, and said I had to come in, which I was more than happy to do. Cops listened to me explain situation again, and they want me to contact Davis PD once I have my list of cards typed up. (I live in Fairfield, cards stolen in Fairfield, cards recovered at Bizarro World in Davis. )
    Once list types up, will post to all the MTG stores/FB groups to see if cards were unloaded elsewhere.

  • Well, here's a rough draft of what my MTG App has listed, plus filling in some gaps from memory.
    List of Cards on google docs
    Talked to FFPD in person again. They want this list, and for me to talk to Davis PD (where cards were recovered, to pick up investigation from there, so that's what I'm doing. Making list. Will contact Davis PD soon.

  • This is all heartbreaking.

    If you have time, could you please put together an Excel spreadsheet of what you had returned? In reading the earlier post, I'm somewhat confused.

    I'm going to arrange for something at the NYSE Open for you.

  • @Prospero Aahz and BC from TMD allready hooked me up with a start on a Vintage shop deck a few months ago (tangle wires, spheres, a few more lockpieces and robots), but with these 9 cards, I'm closer than ever. Hell, if you are gonna force a Tolarian Academy and Ancient Tombs and Mishra's Factories on me, that would help. :) But I may just uncover more now that I am being more public about it.
    But I'm just lucky that any sign of them at all showed up. Incredible luck for someone who lost all their cards!
    I did find my underpowered EDH deck (lost in trunk for 2 years, so I still have Unl Chaos Orb, Alpha Demonic Hordes, and the Berzerk I opened from my first pack of Magic in '94. :)

  • @LotusHead Sounds good. Keep me in the loop.

  • @Prospero What was returned was the 3 Wastelands, 1 Foil WurmCoil Engine (with unique damage), 3 Triskellions (1 foil Mir, 1 Foil French Mir, 1 asian non-foil), bent foil Duplicant and non-foil DSC. All but DSC was in Shop Deck with power, and my google doc has specifics on each card (ie, Mox Jet and Mox Emerald I can differentiate, but Saphire and Lotus are just like any other sapphire or lotus.

  • I followed up investigation by going to Davis PD, and an officer met me at the shop in Davis where cards were found. He was as helpful as he could be without say, helping. (He is not sure that the cards can be proven to be unique as there are no serial numbers etc. )
    So I will have to find the seller of my cards myself. I'm thinking of making a fun video (since I have a studio and jump at any chance to use it) to get the seller to come to me.
    Now I have to go to work, but I thought I'd leave this update here in case there is a better plan that what I have come up with.
    List of cards with detail are on my Google Doc, I will post in all the FB sites where Magic happens in NorCal, personally contact each store to let them know how to find list of cards in case they got any of them at their store. Make video to get seller to come to me.
    THEN hand off to police.



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