Arizona's Vintage Series 06/25/17

  • Entry fee will be $20 dollars which 80% of the proceeds will be added into the prize pool.
    (20% added to December's Event)

    Prize Structure:

    For 15+ the entry fee will be split:

    1st 40%
    2nd 20%
    3-4 10%
    5-8 5%

    Prizing will be payed out in store credit and there will be several Vintage Staples available

    Decks are allowed 15 proxies with each additional proxy costing $1 (Yes you can come with a 75 proxy deck)

    All money gathered from additional proxy fees will used as give-aways that will be given out at random throughout the tournament.


    Snapcasters Gaming and Espresso
    4510 E Thomas Rd
    Phoenix, Arizona, AZ 85018


    Sunday June 25th 2017
    12:00 am registration
    12:30 pm start

    We are quite open to what you use as proxies but they should in no way hinder the game nor give you an advantage. Such as, please don’t use a swamp to proxy a Mox Emerald. Everything should be easy to tell what card is being proxied.

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