[Old School] Star Format Mono Color Deck Ideas

@Teluin Regrowth is a pretty sweet effect but I wasn't sure how much this deck would need recursion. In some ways it's hard shutting off the regular vintage brain! I Can dig cutting Druid, Having trouble deciding. Let's see what happens cutting a fog.

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This looks like a ton of fun.

@Topical_Island thoughts on the decks? Tuning for fun and flare!

Demonic hordes is needed in black. Could just win games and is a beefy finisher! Jet, swamp, ritual, juzam turn 1...pass...swamp, lotus, demonic hordes turn 2. GG

@Thewhitedragon69 In this format winning requires killing both opponents, assuming your "allies" don't interfere to keep you from winning. I Enjoy Hordes, and I was also considering Lord of the Pit, but this deck doesn't put up enough creatures. I figured Juzam would be plenty of beef without making the deck too hyper agressive in this closed format. Also, the only P9 in these lists is Timetwister, just because it's a fun blue bomb in a multiplayer.

So red should totally have Mana Flare. Also Inferno is clutch fun too. Just trying to think of cards that were amazing in multiplayer back in highschool. Gaeas Leige plus instill energy was game ending many times. Also Oubilett (spelling?) and Paralyze are both great cards for black.

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If I was going to go with this format, maybe limiting the number of artifacts each deck got would be useful, as this type of format could be easily won by a white deck with island sanctuary/moat, sweepers, millstones and howling mines and swords. since only green has tranquility to remove the enchantments and blue to bounce, that means red and black are on the fast train to hosetown.

Not true. Red and Black both still have fireball/disinegrate/drain life as outs to Moat efx. Not to mention Hippy, Sengir, Dragon Whelp, Shivan, Inferno, and Pestilence.

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If you’re doing red with goblins or kobolds, throwing in a Keldon Warlord or two can make the deck a lot more interesting (timmy wise).

I'm so happy that people revived this little thread! As the holidays have approached, the people from Way Back When that I've been playing with forever have been in town, and we've had a Ton of fun with these decks, plus a few tweaks. We've also had the chance to teach some family and significant others the Ways of the Cardboard using them, so overall this has been a successful mission.

I also glommed together a whole second set of decks that are a lot more like EDH decks in terms of flavor, using many of the same pieces, but that give a Just The Hits feel to the games. They aren't as good for Teaching the game though because they don't have the consistency that the slightly more tuned lists have, suh-prize. Both sets of decks provide lengthy games and protect against quick blowouts (other than some fun old school bombs like Lich/MU).

Overall these have a really kooky set of power levels that make for a lot of fun. I look forward to running them a little more as we approach the weeks before and after new years when people need a little break from holiday cheer to fireball a bunch of thunder spirits.

@Serracollector Both Mana Flare and Inferno have made appearances in red. I feel like half of the fun of the (casual) game in early sets was leveraging wacky global effects. Bi-lateral helpers like Flare and the whole original Enchant World cycle from Legends are such crowd pleasers in multiplayer, well, maybe not Nether Void...but even then, so much flavor and great art! To be clear, we still don't use mana burn as a house rule, so Mana Flare is just nuts.

@joshuabrooks I actually tweaked to transform red from Goblins to Kobolds / Keldon Warlord, but I think somehow that the people we've been playing with just prefer the flavor of Goblins and Goblin King. It may be just that people enjoy any opportunity to say "You remind me of the babe..."

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