21 May 2017 Proxy Vintage at Brash Brewing co [10 Players]

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    Today began quite early. As I slid into my computer chair, I received a message.


    And thus, it was decided that I would not proxy up a new deck this week and would instead run back whatever was in my backpack.

    Keeping with tradition, we had a new player today and he did indeed win at least one match.

    TCDecks Link

    Placing / Name / Deck (Click for decklist scan)

    1. Sam Craven - Paradoxical Oath
    2. Sky goy - Uba Staxx
    3. Ben Kendrick - White Eldrazi
    4. Will Miertschin - Pitch Dredge
    5. Tim Everett - Tezz Control
    6. Ashby Graves - Merfolk
    7. Elijah Henly - UR Delver
    8. Fabius Watson - White Eldrazi
    9. Chad Moss - Big Red
    10. Joe Kington - Worldgorger Combo

    Next all-proxy Vintage tournament is in two weeks, Sunday 21 May at 1:00 PM. Location is TBD but will likely be Brash as long as the weather stays nice. Stay tuned for info.


    Hot Bazzaar-on-Bazaar action

    Seems like Joe is doing a lot worse than Ben here.

    $1000 proxy of a $30 card

    Turn one Ancestral Misdirected. Sam gets thoroughly rekt.

    Hardcast Griselbrand

    Draw cards; disallow your opponent from countering things.

    Sam wishes us peace among worlds as he displays his winnings.



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