The Comic Book Depot Vintage 1K with an NYSE Qualifier 6/11/17

  • The Comic Book Depot and the NYSE Open are teaming up and giving you a Vintage 1K with a NYSE Open qualifier.

    Last qualifier before the NYSE Open

    Sunday June 11th
    12 Noon Start
    Store opens at 11

    Fee is $30.00

    Prizes based on 33 players
    1st gets $400.00 Depot credit and an NYSE invite
    2nd gets $200.00 Depot credit or an NYSE invite and $75.00 Depot credit
    3rs and 4th $100.00 each store credit
    5th-8th $50.00 each store credt
    prizes will fluctuate based on attendance.

    *I have nothing else scheduled that day so the we can run a nice event.

    There is no money value if the NYSE qualifier if not used. The Comic Book Depot is donating the Qualifier on top of the full credit in prizes for 1st place.

    15 card proxys's

    The Comic Book Depot
    2847 Jerusalem Ave
    Wantagh, NY 11793

  • Who's in?

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  • In......

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