7/15 - Livonia, Michigan - Sanctioned Vintage Trial for Bye at Vintage Champs

  • Format: Vintage (no proxies)
    Where: RIW Hobbies
    When: Store opens at 11, Round One starts at 1 pm.
    Entry: $10
    Prize: $20 store credit per player paid out top top 8. The winner also receives a one round bye at Vintage Champs.

    This tournament in sanctioned, which means you cannot play with proxies. It will be run at competitive REL and decklists are required before play begins (we will have them on site. Allow yourself ample time to fill one out in advance.)

    The bye is cumulative, so even if you already won a vintage trial, you can win up to 2 and have 2 byes. This event provides a single bye for vintage champs.

    Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

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