[7/16/17] - [Los Angeles, CA] - Eternal Weekend Trial @ Knight Ware

  • Knight Ware's July Sanctioned Vintage Tournament / Trial for Eternal Weekend
    is on Sunday the 16th, 2017 at 2PM

    COMP REL Alex Edison (L2) will judge

    As this is a Trial for the Vintage portion of Eternal Weekend, the winner will get one bye for that event.

    facebook link

    Store credit prizes 100% payout including all extra$ taken in

    Basic entry fee (you bring your own deck) $20 cash only

    As this is Sanctioned, no proxy/playtest cards are allowed but---

    There will be a store credit prize for the highest finishing deck that does NOT contain any of these cards-

    Ancestral Recall, Black Lotus, Mox Emerald,
    Mox Jet, Mox Pearl, Mox Ruby,
    Mox Sapphire, Time Walk, Timetwister,
    Bazaar of Baghdad, Mishra's Workshop, Time Vault

    I also have the following cards available to rent for a bit extra over the basic entry fee

    9x Bazaar of Baghdad $5 /ea ($16 for a playset)
    4x Mishra's Workshop $5.00 /ea

    4x Ancestral Recall $5.00
    4x Black Lotus $10.00
    4x Mox Emerald $3.00
    4x Mox Jet $4.00
    3x Mox Pearl $3.00
    2x Mox Ruby $3.00
    3x Mox Sapphire $5.00
    4x Time Walk $5.00
    2x Timetwister $2.00
    can do up to 2 full sets of P9 at $35

    3x Time Vault $3.00
    4x Library of Alexandria $3.00
    4x Mana Drain $1.00 /ea

    Duals, Fetches, smaller cards no additional charge to borrow, just ask to see if I have a specific card(s).

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