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    Shatter + Lightning Bolt - This instant looks pretty available on vintage.

  • @Saya Intersting indeed, a good one-of maindeck card.

  • TMD Supporter

    This card is really great in our format as it can deal with 2 different threats at the same time.

  • @PeAcH
    I'm afraid but Abrade doesn't do both of its modes. But I believe that it is still great enough to see vintage play.

  • I've had multiple discussions with players in my area about a singleton MD ancient grudge in R decks that don't run G. Instant speed, dodges chalice at 1 and if you happen to get mox emerald or opal you can flash it back. This hits the 2 main points in R but also acts as removal. I do believe I'll be replacing AG in my non-green decks with this.

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    I think this card suffers the same problems as Izzet Charm. It does multiple things that are useful but it doesn't do any one thing very well.

    The only instance when I could think of a card like this being played is Rakdos Charm or Steel Sabotage. And even then, they're basically on the outside looking in as far as Vintage goes. At least SS is blue and costs one mana. Rakdos Charm is pretty bad; if it costed one It would be better. Bu 1R is unplayable.

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    I meant that it can deal with two different issues at once in the same time. Which means that these can be 2 different types of approaches/cards, not that the 2 effects were simultaneous.

  • @desolutionist I would tend to agree with your comparison except that 1R is actually something people do play for both modes already: By Force or the now obsolete Wear//Tear and Sudden Shock. A lot of the time Abrade is the same as Abrupt Decay.

    Now, all the cards I just mentioned are pretty medium in Vintage, but people keep playing them. Basically it belongs in the By Force, Sudden Shock, Abrupt Decay category of whatever, not the Izzet Charm, Rakdos Charm, Unsubstantiate circle of hell. And lots of people, yourself included, somehow thought Unsubstantiate was playable.

    Simultaneously culling a dead draw from your Mentor and PO matchups has actual value.

  • Yeah... I like this card and am sure it will see some play. But I think even Fire//Ice is probably better right now, as well as many of the other cards that just got mentioned.

  • Kills chalice and monastery mentor, this card is 100% vintage playable.

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    I don't think By Force, Abrupt Decay, or Sudden Shock are good cards either. Maybe playable, but definitely not good. When I strive to play a deck with 'good' cards, this one doesn't jump out to me. Like, what would I cut for this? A Hurkyl's Recall? A Toxic Deluge? Then I'm going to be in a situation where my sideboard cards can't even do what I need them for.

    Against Shops, is 1-for-1ing a two-thirds mana spell with a 2 mana spell a good trade? What happens when you add Spheres into the mix.

    Against Mentor, if they resolved Mentor, you already lost. What's an Incinerate going to do? Maybe you take a 1-for-1 trade if they're in topdeck mode, but that just doesn't strike me as winning. Not many decks try to remove Mentor directly and get away with it; usually if anything they play Sulfur Elemental. Like no one is going to say oh look a Mentor deck, time to bring in Abrade!

    Some marginal use against hate bears at the expense of what? Toxic Deluge/Pyroclasm/Firespout?

    Anything can be 'playable' in Vintage but I'd be very surprised to see this card 'winning'

  • Yea this card doesnt look good to me at all. Its not a bolt or incinerate, it cannot hit players or planeswalkers. If it let you do BOTH options, and hit players, great card, as is, IMO, garbage.

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