6/30/2017 Indianapolis monthly vintage

  • There is a monthly Vintage event at Game Time, 8244 Center Run Rd. Indianapolis, IN. at 1pm EST, unlimited proxy. Any questions call (317) 577 - 0900. These events are the last Saturday of every month apparently.

    I forgot to ask about price & prize support but according to a thread from a few months ago, it was $15 with a dual to 1st place if there are at least 8 people. I don't know if that's still the case, but you can call for details if you need them.

    I've never actually been there so I don't know anything about the venue but I'm looking forward to playing some Vintage for the first time since NA Champs last year.

  • Hmmm Madison to Indy is ~ 6 Hours....

  • Yeah that sounds about right. It would be awesome to have you out there but since I've never been to this place I couldn't advise you about coming; heaven forbid you drive out all that way & nobody showed up :(. I'm guessing that since this is a monthly thing they get enough people every month to play, but I don't know if it would be worth it to drive down here or not.

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