Allowing registered sex offenders to participate in unsanctioned tournaments:

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    This weekend I came across information that a person convicted of possession and distribution of child pornography and who is also still currently on an active state sex offender registry regularly participates in tournaments on the east coast from star city games sanctioned events to unsanctioned vintage and legacy events.

    Under no circumstances will I publicly provide this persons information, because the goal here is not to get out the tar and feathers, but to honestly gauge the opinions of the vintage community. Everything I have discovered has already been submitted to wizards of the coast as well as a reliable judge who will handle it on their end.

    People may be aware that a player was banned from the DCI for life for a rape conviction he was convicted of years before he was publicly outed on twitter in the middle of a grand prix.

    There were players who somehow found a justification to put support behind this player, and I'm wondering if that same exact situation would occur in our community which is far more personal as nearly everyone knows each other.

    This is actually the most surprising thing that has happened to me in 20+ years in magic.

  • Let the justice system handle civil issues and the dci handle magic issues.

  • Magic: the Gathering is free to promote their brand as they see fit, whether is providing free Pro Tour qualifications to players like Day9 and Amaz to refusing entry to successful players with sketchy criminal histories. Local TOs are also allowed to refuse entry to players that are banned from the DCI despite most Magic: the Gathering tournaments are not regulated due to proxies. This shit will police itself and doesn't need any pitchforks from the peanut gallery.

  • I agree with benjamin_berry. DCI has enough on it's plate that it needs to fix.

  • I can see how it could be a PR issue if it comes up. But only if the person in question does something relevant. No 3rd party should get involved. Outing someone for past behavior, not current, in a way to make it a PR issue is reprehensible.

  • Barring other information I'd err on the side of, if they are DCI approved you should let them participate. If not, you should make it very clear in your announcement. For example if you don't want say Alex Bertocini in your event, that is completely justifiable. He's a cheater, a thief and a piece of shit who defrauded dozens (?) of participants out of the opportunity to win. But he may be able to legally play soon, he was wandering around GP Vegas. You could clearly post that anyone who has been DCI Suspended isn't eligible, or has been suspended in the past 5 years, or whatever really as long as its communicated and the player doesn't expend the effort to come only to be turned away at runtime.

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