@AmbivalentDuck I feel like this all assumes that the Goblins shell itself is playable.

This post is deleted!

Have we considered splashing BW so we can play Debtor's Knell? It's harder to remove than this, since this get's Ingot Chewed and By Forced.

Turn 1 - Land, Skirk Prospector
Turn 2 - Land, Sacrifice Skirk Prospector, Goblin Warchief
Turn 3 - Land, Skirk Prospector, Mogg War Marshal, Brightstone Ritual for RRRR, sacrifice Mogg War Marshal and token buddies, cast God-Pharaoh's Gift, reanimate Mogg War Marshal during combat.
Turn 4 - Probably win.

And that's without power!

@Topical_Island Which is itself dubious. 2B Jester's Cap with a 5/3 body attached remains strong, but the cost of swinging with a Goblin or Rogue keeps going up. We haven't gotten a decent Gob in a while, though we do have some interesting Rogues. This is probably as bad as Gobs have been since the printing of Earwig Squad. Walking Ballista is a nightmare for a deck full of 1/1s.

One of the things that's hard to communicate to folks who aren't used to playing Gobs is how grindy most games are. Getting a 4/4 every-ish turn, often with a tutor attached, wins grindy games in ways that something vulnerable to StP and other spot removal wouldn't.

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