Mike Noble's Terrible Fish Decklist Dump Thread

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    "Why. Why can't you ever have a list of cards and I know what they all do." - @SamwiseKimchi

    I've gone back and added the decklist feature that @Brass-Man created to all my decklists, as I'm sure there's at least one unknown piece of jank in each one of them.

  • I would love to see your version of Snake Tribal. Mire/River Boa and Coatl have always been some of my favorite cards.

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    @Serracollector I did a search for all Snakes on Scryfall and couldn't come up with a list that felt reasonable to post. Sorry.

  • The lack of actual Fish decks is upsetting. Come on Mike, 4 Dandan, 4 Spreading Seas, no regrets.

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    Clerics is a surprisingly deep tribe. I have a build on my phone from months ago that incorporates an infinite life combo, but with the printing of Ramunap Excavator I've decided to take the deck in a different direction. Leonin Arbiter and Ramunap Excavator can do a great impression of a Strip Mine lock with the unrestricted Ghost Quarter. We also get access to sideboard superstar Containment Priest, as well as naturally occurring artifact and storm hate. Since the mana is strained by Ghost Quarter, I chose to include Phyrexian Revoker to alleviate mana pains, and only have four cards in the maindeck that require two colored mana in their cost. Let me know what you think!

  • I think it looks pretty good, but I would rework the manabase and add Thalias and probably Sanctum Prelate. You can start by cutting the Harsh Mentors and the Grand Abolishers.

  • @hierarchnoble said in Mike Noble's Terrible Fish Decklist Dump Thread:

    I received some feedback from people asking me what Fish deck I'm playing right now. I'm sorry to say, I've played one tournament since the most recent B&R announcement, and it was an 8-man with a homebrew that I went 1-2 with. However, I had a bit of success with the following Fish deck prior to the change, which is almost card for card how I have it configured for Legacy as well:

    Since the Ixalan land could add more colored mana sources - would it ever be possible to support Elder Deep Fiend in this deck (in Legacy or Vintage)?

  • according to the Frank Karsten mana table you'd need 16 blue sources to get a 90% chance to have UU on turn 5. I don't think that is feasible. There is also the possibility of hardcasting it, though.

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    @mediumsteve DISCLAIMER: I typed this between your messages.

    It's very possible that the mana could handle Elder Deep-Fiend right now, but it's something I haven't really tested. I chose to focus on Wretched Gryff as an evasive threat that helps close out the game when the ground gets clogged, much like a faster Endbringer, and as a way to draw yourself out of mulligans when combined with Matter Reshaper. I then chose Mockery of Nature as the World Breaker-esque threat that Mark Hornung developed, but at a possibly cheaper cost to close the game out quicker. I simply haven't played enough matches to figure out the perfect ratios between Wretched Gryff and Mockery of Nature, and it may be that the split also wants to include Deep-Fiend.

    What I am excited about is Unclaimed Territory's ability to make this a 3+ color deck. While I'm not entirely sure how color intensive I can get a colorless Eldrazi deck to be, I'm really excited about possibly adding Distended Mindbender and Eldrazi Displacer alongside blue and green mana requirements. While Distended Mindbender has a similar cost to Elder Deep-Fiend, the Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth adds not only a ninth source to Emerge him, but a source that can emerge him without having a second black source. Eldrazi Displacer is an obvious all-star of the White Eldrazi archetype, but Jason Jaco's book mentions that it may be possible to include Eldrazi Displacer in an unpowered build as well, and I want to try. Once I see how the B&R updates and other Ixalan printings shake out, I'll look into just exactly what I can do with this take of Tribal Eldrazi.

  • Oh, right, I guess there's no reason to limit yourself to UG with Unclaimed Territory.

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    With Ixalan on the horizon and a few MTGO leagues under my belt, I've been working with the following list:

    Rather than write a full primer for the list, I'll hit some important highlights:

    • What had always been sideboard Leyline of Sanctity has been replaced with Mindbreak Trap. This used to be the Oath/Storm free disruption, but since both archetypes seem to be Paradoxical Outcome decks Mindbreak Trap is often a stronger card. It also helps that it's a good draw after your opening hand. Leyline of the Void at least benefits from Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, even if it's a corner case.

    • Also as a nod to Paradoxical Outcome, as well as other Preordain decks, I'm running the restricted Thorn of Amethyst. There have been a few games where it's either been a must-counter or a backbreaker, and being a dead Dack Fayden target has been relevant.

    • The only Crucible of Worlds left in the 75 has been moved to the sideboard, and even then I'm not entirely sure about it. It's there for Workshops and Landstill, decks where multiple Wastelands are strong but Dack Fayden is missing. It's still three fair mana to cast, which is often a turn where a stronger threat would play out better. My other choice for the slot at the moment is All Is Dust.

    • If you decide to play this at Vintage Champs, you'll see a lot more Workshops than you'll see online. This build has been outstanding against them, and it's my current tribe of choice for that reason.

    I'll be happy to answer any questions, short of sending my full copy of Eldrazi Meditations. Hopefully closer to the event, with Ixalan online, I can stream some matches and get player feedback on what can be done to tune this deck for Eternal Weekend. Thanks for reading!

  • @hierarchnoble I currently think of a Version with Shops and Solemn Simulacrum to fetch Wastes. Is the disruption in the above list enough?

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