Vintage 101: Happy Hour (of Devastation)!

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    Happy Hour of Devastation

    Last week I took a look at a few cards from Hour of Devastation that I thought could possibly have some impact on the eldest of eternal formats. Since that time even more cards have been released, and I think that a few of them are actually quite exciting. In particular there's a new artifact creature that combos with Bazaar of Baghdad to create some serious value. Here's Hollow One, your zero mana 4/4!

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    P.S. Please keep in mind that these are submitted several days prior to print. There often ends up being info that I would have liked to include but was unable to. I wanted to do more on the NYSE but I didn't have the info to do so.

  • (Sorry for the delayed reply!) Thanks for posting this. Always a good read, and great to see someone creating Vintage awareness. Keep up the good work!

  • Nice read.
    I would call the last deck, "Almost Blue Shops"
    I like that deck, alot.