7/29/17 - Indianapolis - Monthly unlimited proxy vintage

  • Game Time Indy hosts unlimited proxy vintage on the last Saturday of each month. Timmori posted an announcement a couple of months ago, but has not renewed it lately, so I thought I would note that it is still going on. (I also see that T1DarkRit posted something about last month.)

    Initially, the store was offering prize support of a dual land if there were more than 10 entries, but unfortunately, we have not had that many since the first event in January. :( I asked the owner (Jeremy) at the most recent event if that prize offer was still in effect and he wasn't very clear about it. In the mean time, with too few participants for that prize level to be relevant, they have been giving store credit amounting to 100% of the entry fees to the top finishers. I am certainly not authorized to make any promises, but I think no one will object if I say that we have been having fun.

    Last month, we had only 4 people show up, so we just played a round-robin, which did complicate scoring a bit since we ended up with 2 people at 2-1 and 2 people at 1-2, but at least we did get an extra game that way. :) So far the most we've had has been 12 (in January) and June was as few as we have had at 4. I can't speak for anyone else, but my son and I have been there every month so far and we plan to be there this month too.

    Come join us on 7/29 at 1:00 pm.

    Contact information:
    Game Time Indy
    8244 Center Run Dr.
    Indianapolis, IN 46250

    Here's a link to their event calendar: http://www.gametimeindy.com/?page_id=1110


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