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    Our current method for presenting decklists for Magic Online Leagues is to randomly select ten of the top-performing decklists per format per day. Starting July 10, we will be reducing the total number of top decklists being presented per day from ten to five, and each of these decklists will be randomly selected with the caveat that each list will be at least ten cards different from every other list.


  • An attempt to stop standard from being 'solved' quickly?

  • I'm never in favor of reducing the information that's available to players.

    Then ten-card-difference caveat will be real interesting with Vintage. A 9-card difference can be a completely different deck in Vintage. I'll be interested to see if they can even find five decklists that are both undefeated and at least ten cards different.

  • @benjamin_berry said in MTGO Posted Decklists Changes:

    An attempt to stop standard from being 'solved' quickly?

    More than preventing it from being solved, this will potentially make the metagame look more diverse than it truly is.

  • This seems to only apply to leagues, and since WotC won't give us those, then this doesn't really change anything for Vintage.

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    What enderfall said, they can really only do this change to leagues which doesn't apply to vintage.

    For what it's worth, if leagues were active in vintage, I would think this reporting change is positive.

  • This is a good reporting change. It should help to quell so much of the net decking and incentivize innovation.

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