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  • And none of this really gets into the worst creature-type choice Wizards has made in years: All those stupid Gremlins should have been Atogs. People blame the decline in popularity of Magic on factors like terrible Standard decisions, poor card quality, and poor management of organized play. Those may be secondary factors, but I'm pretty sure the bulk of the blame lies on the shoulders of whichever person decided that Gremlins would be featured in Kaladesh over Atogs.

  • I always confused Atogs with Tribbles.

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    I know I'm not the first person to bring this up, but seriously. Why aren't Merfolk Creature – Fish?

    Leonin? Cats.
    Loxodon? Elephant.
    Nezumi? Rat.

    I think it's pretty well established that everyone thinks this a serious problem.

    According to that logic shouldn't humans then be Creature - Primate? I think that is the great discrepancy - if you differentiate humans and apes/ monkeys then you have to differ between fish and merfolk as well.

  • @Topical_Island
    Actually, my post was not very serious and i was kidding but still pointing at some very bad translations in foreign languages which leads to some confusion and errors for casual players who won't double check everything. (the exemple i gave did happen actually).

    However, if a format like that would exist and produce a tier 1 deck based on some obscure and stupid tribe i buy for it. 🙂

  • @albarkhane Firstly, I loved your post. Secondly, I'm willing to bet actual money that is was not less serious than mine - since that is impossible.

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    Merfolk are fish if centaurs are horses. I do agree though that WotC is really messing up their nomenclature, Linnaeus would roll over in his grave if he saw that a group led by a mathematician thought they knew how to classify creatures. This is just the tip of the iceberg though, they insist on making "shiny" cards. Just like the merfolk, I am not a fish and am not enticed by your shinies. Remember when they made Chris Pikula a woman? Or when Bob Maher became Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg? For god's sake they printed trolls after Thrun. They need to be stopped, we need to secure our borders, and not just any borders, I mean pre-eighth borders.

  • @Topical_Island my bad, i missread you.
    Well, since we agree that french tribal serpent deck can be a real threat for the meta, i would suggest we petition Wizard for them to publish more Mongoose since it is a real scandal that only three of them exist. I would also strongly advocate for a Suricate tribe so we could melt them both in the great Herpestes family. Every one knows that the egyptian mangoose (Herpestes ichneumon) is a great serpent fighter and now i have evidence enough that some old druid from Legends was actually a mongoose in hiding. I find it strange that Wizard never aknowledge that fact and suspect a serpent conspiracy there.

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    Because Merfolk are a type of fish. You wouldn't label Leonin as mammals.

    Hell no I wouldn't. Filthy Cat People.

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    For god's sake they printed trolls after Thrun.

    This is magic's greatest lie.

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    A flizzard! I also want to investigate why the average zombie isn't a zombie human, but there are zombie merfolk/goblins/etc.

    Similarly, Elspeth and a few cards make 'soldiers' with no 'species' type.

    These have both always been explained to me that the zombie cards don't care what 'kind' of zombie they are, but the ones with 'zombie elf' type care that they are an elf (Glissa).

    I think that's dumb. Grim-Grin should not be a human, but Mikaeus should.