8/13 - RIW Monthly Vintage in Livonia, Michigan - Unlimited Proxy

  • $10 entry
    $20 store credit per player added to the prize pool divided among top finishers.

    Store opens at 12 and event starts at 1.

    We will do swiss +1 rounds like always

    I will collect decklists to post on the internet after to celebrate our glory.

    We are liberal about proxies, but they should be clearly recognizable by your opponent.

  • I went to this event this last weekend, and had a great time. Thanks Ben for organizing this, and RIW for the great prize support. I hope to attend these again in the future. If anyone is in the SE Michigan area, or able to make it to this area for these, I highly recommend this store. Great turn out, huge store, and very nice people to play with.

  • Address? Im in NW ohio, might not be too bad a drive

  • @serracollector 29571 Five Mile Road, Livonia, MI 48154

  • We do this every month. We had 19 this time, which was awesome. I will have the next one figured out and deck lists from this up sometime this weekend, getting crushed by a new job this week and just have not had time.

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