9/9/2017 Columbia, SC-Non-sanctioned Vintage-Ready To Play Trading Cards

  • Non-Sanctioned Vintage
    Ready To Play Trading Cards
    Cayce, SC

    Entry Fee: $15
    Registration: Noon
    Start Time: 1pm
    Format: Vintage
    Event Structure: Swiss with a top cut based on # of players.
    Decklists are required
    Cash prize payout in the following structure.
    1st = 50% - 65% of prize pool based on # of players.
    2nd = 20% - 35% of prize pool based on # of players.
    3rd-8th = Based on # of players.

    Playtest Card Policy
    Playtest Cards must be hand drawn on basic lands/blank cards or approved by the TO/Judge. No printed piece of paper slipped in with a card unless the entire deck can be made this way. (The only time this will be an option is charity events.)
    The use of Playtest Cards is for the purpose of community building and generating interest in a format. Any event allowing Playtest Cards will not be sanctioned by WOTC.

    Questions –

    Email: readytoplaymtg@yahoo.com

    Phone: 803.834.6336

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